Tiny Dancer

So a lot has happened today. Is it even still Friday?

Work today was…well, hot. It felt like a million degrees outside, even before 8 am. The kids were not much better than previous days. In fact, we had to take away movie time again. I just wish the kids respected me as a counselor and listened when I told them something. I think it’s because I’m not scary enough. I’m too nice. It just made me very frustrated.

Finally, it was time to go home. I got my usual ride from my best friend Stephanie, with her brother and his…girlfriend I guess you could call her (she is one of my friends, don’t get me wrong but that makes it weird), played a weird version of the license plate game.  Steph and I jokingly participated. As we came to a fairly busy intersection, Stephanie was ready to safely pass through, since we had a green light. A blue car sporting two American flags and driven by an old couple decided they would make a left turn–right as we were crossing the street. It was obvious they were not about to stop to let the car with the right-of-way pass, so Stephanie slammed on her brakes and honked loudly. We all heard a loud scrape and immediately thought the cars collided. We pulled over and so did the couple.

I got out and surveyed the damage–except there was none. Not even a scratch! Another car with dents and scrapes on its left side pulled into the gas station right next to us. I thought, that was what I expected our car to look like. The woman got out of the driver’s side and picked up her baby in the back seat. He was crying. She looked at us and asked, “Did he hit you guys, too?” The couple had not only hit us, but her as well! Her vehicle had dents and tears and whatnot. That poor baby was absolutely traumatized. The woman saw that we were still in our work shirts and exclaimed that she took her son to the Mommy-and-Me classes. What a small world!

When we all looked back to where the other car had originally parked, it was gone, and we thought the worst. Then I saw it pulling into the Walgreens parking lot right next to where they had pulled over. Stephanie, her brother, and the woman and her baby crossed the street to speak to the couple, while the two of us non-owners-of-the-car stayed with the vehicle.

Soon enough, the four of us left, because no actual damage was done to us. Finally, I was back home, ready to start the weekend. My cousin Edie and my friend Grace were coming over to hang out and get dinner. Grace had just got back from a mini-family road trip and Edie lives about a half hour away so I haven’t seen them in a little while. We ended up going to the “Ladies Night Out” event that takes place every last Friday of the month on a street called Magnolia (which is where the aforementioned accidents occurred). It’s not just for ladies, though; anyone can go. I went to the grilled cheese truck and ordered the Cheesy Mac Melt with bacon (aka absolute heaven). Edie ordered the same thing, minus the bacon. Grace got a burger from another truck. I saw a few people I knew, but didn’t spend much time talking to them. In fact, I only said hi and waved.

IMG_8799 IMG_8015

We made our way back to my house and ate our delicious dinners. Afterwards, I was so full, I felt like throwing up–but in a good way, of course. Grace’s cousin, another friend of mine, came over and told us some news. He and his girlfriend are “taking a break.” He is heartbroken.

Honestly, I don’t understand the purpose of taking a break. Either you are together or you are not. When people take a break, it is typically because they haven’t lost the feelings, but they need to be apart and sometimes see other people. I still think that no matter how you feel, if you do not want to be in a relationship with someone–even at the moment–you should still break up, not take a break, especially if they want to see other people. For me, you are with me or you are not, regardless of how we feel.

Anyway, we decided to make brownies because who doesn’t want to eat chocolate squares of goodness on a Friday night with your friends? The answer is no one. I don’t care if you hate chocolate or don’t eat sugar or whatever. Brownies are just……yum. I must go eat one!


Soooooo…I ate two. Oh, they were magical. Magical. We sang and danced around the kitchen to everything from Elton John to MKTO. It was a fabulous time, and I suggest everyone go do the same.

Well, now I must go adventuring with Grace and her cousin across town. Even though it is 11 pm. But isn’t that the best time for adventures? I guess we will find out.

Go have a late night adventure of your own–and be safe! And go make a batch of brownies. They will make you feel better.

With love… -A


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