These are a Few of my Favorite Things

No big post today. I tried to write one, but I kept going off topic and it became more of a rant. One I do not need to make again. Maybe I’ll write one soon and stay on the point, but not today. So instead, here are some things about me 🙂

Y’all know I love music so these are some of my favorite songs:

  • “Carry on my Wayward Son” – Kansas
  • “Cinderella” – Daughtry
  • “Cop Car” Keith Urban
  • “Everything I Ask For” – The Maine
  • “Famous Last Words” -My Chemical Romance
  • “I Want Crazy” – Hunter Hayes
  • “I Won’t Let Go” – Rascal Flatts
  • “I’ve Got You” McFly
  • “The Middle” – Jimmy Eat World
  • “She Will Be Loved” – Maroon 5
  • “Wanted” – Hunter Hayes


Music is a huge part of my life, and if you hadn’t noticed or caught on, each of my blog titles is also the name of a song.

My favorite movies are:

  • Aristocats (yes, the Disney movie. I am a Disney freak)
  • Les Miserables
  • Pretty much every Marvel movie about the Avengers.

My favorite authors–I would say books but I like too many from the same authors–are:

  • John Green
  • Meg Cabot
  • Ally Carter

This is included in my bio but it needed to be repeated because that’s how much I love them.

Some other fun facts about me are:

  • I love to cry, and I cry a lot. I don’t always love the reason of why I’m crying, but I always feel better in some way, shape, or form afterwards. It’s a cleansing feeling. It also helps me sleep.
  • My favorite food is cookie dough. Salmonella anyone?
  • My favorite animals are dolphins and beluga whales. I love marine life!
  • I am a dog person, definitely.
  • If I had to choose between chocolate or vanilla, I’d pick chocolate, no hesitation. If a “swirl” option is involved, though, I might pick that one.
  • I did show choir for four years. I absolutely loved it (although, by senior year, my choir consisted of almost nothing but obnoxious, “thirsty” teenage girls). Our choir at my school was the inspiration for Glee and the pilot was filmed at my school.
  • I live in the city of Burbank, Ca. It is the real entertainment capital because it’s where all the studios are. That includes: Warner Brothers, Disney, Nickelodeon, ABC, NBC, and Universal (which is borderline Burbank and Hollywood).
  • I’ve never had a drop of alcohol in my entire life and I’m damn proud of it. I don’t plan on drinking until I am of age, partly because my mother will pay be $1000 if I don’t. She made the same deal with her grandmother.
  • My grandfather on my dad’s side built Notre Dame High School in Thousand Oaks, Ca, and my dad’s oldest brother was one of the founders of Cal State University, Channel Islands.
  • My great-grandfather on my mother’s side was in the Firehouse Five at Disneyland and played part of the score of Snow White.
  • My favorite color is PINK! (It’s also my favorite place to get bras and underwear, if you get what I’m saying.)
  • I almost threw myself a party when measured five feet tall in eighth grade. I’ve only grown three and a half inches since then.
  • Bass Lake, Ca is my favorite place in the world.
  • I’ve been to 9 states: California (obviously), Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, New York, and New Jersey. I’ve seen seven states at the same time, though (there’s a mountain in Georgia with a lookout for it). I’ve only left the country on a Disney cruise through the Bahamas.
  • As girly as I am (which is very), I am usually too lazy and wear sweatpants quite often.
  • I love to knit.
  • I have a bit of an obsession with baby goats.


So I suppose that’s enough about me.

I’m currently watching the last Harry Potter for the first time and I only have about 15 minutes of it left. I must go finish it!

Gotta blast! -A


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