Little White Lies

I really do not understand why one feels the need to lie about something when the truth can be so easily found out that it happens the very next day. We all work together; we are all friends. How could you think that a lie like this wouldn’t fall apart? Especially about something having to do with how far you’ve gone sexually.

Yes, this happened.

And another thing is lying to your best friend. I wasn’t the best friend in this situation, but I was present at the time of this lie. And the only other witness.

This girl confessed to us that she and her man (who also works with us, and who I have known longer) did a little something more than she first let on. She could barely say it out loud. In my opinion, that means that you were not ready for whatever it was you did–and that you are not mature enough for said act.

Her best friend made sure that she meant what she said. At least three times.

Obviously, being friends with her man, he found out what she told us. He was rather confused because he had not done what she said. She was brought in and denied the whole thing. Well, okay.


We were not all on the same page at all. I talked to the guy about it and he set the record straight. But was he lying? I suppose I could understand him not wanting my friend and me to know–even though she would have told us–but he didn’t even tell his best friend (who also works with us) about it. That was very strange.

Then this girl went and told her best friend that it hadn’t actually happened. She didn’t say that she lied, but she took back what she’d said before. However, she didn’t tell me this, so I am still a credible witness.

So why did she say all this in the first place? There are a few options: she didn’t know it meant what is actually was, she wanted to seem more mature, she wanted to say she’d been as far as her best friend.

But that still doesn’t explain why she lied, knowing it would get back to him.

And why would you lie about that in the first place? I suppose sometimes it can boost your reputation, but not really for a girl. Plus–and I can’t stress this enough–he was going to find out. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner actually, but within twenty-four hours was soon enough.

She lied to all her friends. How are we supposed to trust her? She lies about a lot. Her parents don’t know that she is dating this guy–they just think they are friends. His mother made it clear that her parents had to know, or else he couldn’t be with her. She also made it crystal clear they couldn’t do anything because the girl is underage. He is twenty-one and she is seventeen.

Age may be just a number, but they are at very different points in their lives. So much, that it’s ridiculous to try to make it work like this. I understand having hopes that it could, because I had those same thoughts, but they both have all but established that it will end in two weeks.

He is very sure of his feelings: even though it is not official, if someone asked, he would refer to her as his girlfriend. He does not care about other aspects that could affect them being together. He has taken his mother’s conditions list and done everything so they can be together.

For her, not so much: if she was asked, she’s not sure what she would say. There are outside factors that affect their relationship in her eyes. Her personal feelings do not overpower those things. She has not honestly complied with his mother’s list, not that she will tell him.

There are many ways that…fate, let’s call it, is intervening. This relationship with lies is one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I love both of them, but this cannot be healthy. No matter how each of them feels, their relationship isn’t built on much. Any kind of relationship has to be based in truth or it will never last.

Maybe this bothers me so much because of the lies I have heard, especially when I know the truth. I also know the lies I’ve told. I am not going to say I will never lie again, but I know how lies work. Believe me, the truth is always better, no matter what the consequences. Lying does nobody any good in the long run.


So this is my advice: always do your best to be honest. And do not lie to your friends, or your significant other. Those are the people you need to trust and you are the person they need for the same reason.

So will I trust this girl again? Maybe.

Will the confrontation between the “love birds” go well? Good question.

Will something interesting ever happen to me instead of my friends? The world may never know.

Let’s see how this goes. -A


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