Let’s Get Physical

Happy first day of August!! My birthday is two weeks from today!

I am feeling good today. Yesterday, too. Work was stressful, as usual, but I was feeling better. I’m not sure why, but I just did. This was despite the fact that I weighed in at 114 again. I still don’t like it, but I think I’m going to look at it with a new perspective.

My mother typically decides on dinner, so my breakfast and lunch is up to me. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so shouldn’t it be the biggest? Not necessarily, but it should be the one with substance. I’m sticking with a bowl of Grapenut Fit because it has nuts and grains and dried raisins and whatnot. And I have 2% milk so there is a little bit more than if I used skim milk or something like that. For lunch, I’ve been having the Cheetos version of Pirate’s Booty. It’s delicious, but there isn not much there. Honestly, I don’t even know how healthy or unhealthy it is. So now I’m switching it up to Greek yogurt with the Grapenut Fit sprinkled in, along with my usual Diet Snapple Tea, either peach or half-n-half flavored.

It may not be much, but it allows me to be lenient for dinner and maybe even a little dessert. I am definitely cutting back on the sweets, though. Except, maybe I’ll start that after tomorrow because my mother just made her famous brownies and I’ve had major chocolate cravings this week–thank you, Mother Nature!

Another thing I have decided is that I need a workout routine. I am so lazy! I keep telling myself I will just start when I go to college because Cal Poly has a sick Rec Center–I am seriously in love–but I can’t just get up and start. I need to ease into it. We have a treadmill in our back room. I would have used it more if it wasn’t 6,000 degrees back there. That is a lame excuse because I can turn on the ceiling fan, plug in a little fan, and leave the door open. I can also watch DVDs on my portable player. I don’t get wifi back there so watching Netflix on my laptop is pretty much a “No.” It’s all fine, I just wish the volume went louder. I will stop complaining about it though.

I was talking to a friend of mine who is very dedicated to going to the gym, and he was telling me about a smart incentive to working out–hey, there’s that word again! You pick a show that you only watch while working out, then when you get addicted to the show, you exercise so you can watch it. It is pretty genius because I obsess over TV shows easily.

For my workouts, I have chosen a show called Life. It only lasted two seasons–thank you, Tonight Show, for moving time slots–but I absolutely love it and I have both on DVD. In all honesty, I have watched the entire series at least five times. There are only 32 episodes, but I think it is impressive because my marathons only last for about a day and a half, and that includes eating, sleeping, showering, and interacting with people.


Season One DVD – starring Damien Lewis and Sarah Shahi

I do think that working out is an important part of being healthy, even though I’m not exactly sure that’s what I’m being. Regardless of what my eating habits are, I can’t just sit around doing nothing. That will make me bored, and therefore I will want to eat. That was my problem last summer; I was snacking all the time. Plus, I know I will feel better if I exercise, and I will gain muscle, which I feel like I don’t have at all. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if I know those extra pounds are from muscle, I will be more accepting of them.


These are my workout clothes. The comfier, the better!

Aww, look at how knock-kneed I am! It is really a problem, how much they turn in. Maybe that’s just me though. Note to self: stop looking at my flaws! Even though I see it as more a weird quirk than a flaw. It just affects my running and sometimes walking, no big deal, right?


I looooooooooooove these pink shorts!

So this is my new workout routine:

1 mile on the treadmill – alternate walking and running laps. I cannot run very well because I have the knees and ankles of an old person, but I’m doing my best (You know, cardio is the #1 rule of Zombieland!).

50 regular crunches

30 crunches, laying on your right side

30 crunches, laying on your left side

30 triceps

30 hip thrusts, up and down (lay in the floor and lift hips into the air, if you were getting the wrong idea; we did them in choir!)

60 hip thrusts, right and left (so 30 on each side; they are awesome for your butt, I swear)

30 second plank, on your elbows of course

10 squats, then hold a squat for 10 seconds – repeat two more times for a total of three

Then hop back on the treadmill for another mile. I usually walk this one because of aforementioned bad joints, but maybe when I get into a more regular groove, I will be able to run more.

After that, repeat all of the other exercises, and then stretch, paying extra attention to my back and hips. I sit in a pike position and touch my toes, then straddle and reach to either side. For my hips, I do a stretch for splits: it looks like you are in a split, but your front knee is bent under you.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water to stay hydrated! And get some sleep–that is definitely something I have to start doing. Going to sleep this late and waking up early for work is not a good combination.

I’m trying to get my life to a place where I can be happy with myself. I’m worried for how far that will take me, when it comes to eating at least. I know how unhealthy I was before all of this, and I cannot go back there. It will catch up to me. I am not sure how much better this is for me, and I am hoping I will be aware if I take this too far.

Keep tabs on me, just in case. -A


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