Right Now

Happy Monday, everyone!

I am going to start doing a post every once in a while called a “Right Now” just to let you all know what I am up to at the moment. It is going to be about books I am reading, TV shows I am into, products I am using, etc, and how I feel about them. Stuff like that.

As I am preparing to move out and go to college, it is important for me to remember who I am. Things like this will remind me about the type of person I am right now and who I am growing up to be. I am excited to see in which ways I will grow and when. So here it goes!

What am I reading? Right now, I am reading two books. I probably should be focusing on one at a time, but oh well. The first is Toxic, which is the fifteenth installment of the Pretty Little Liars series. The show (which I also watch) and the books have branched into completely separate story lines. I like this about it because I don’t have to worry about spoilers! These books are definitely one of my guilty pleasures. I can’t stop reading them!


Look, it matches my nails!

The other book I am reading is Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. I adore his books as well. I do not know how a man can touch a woman’s heartstrings the way he does. The movie version of the book is going to hit theaters relatively soon, so I am excited for that. It is starring James Marsden (originally the role was given to Paul Walker, but had to be recast because of his passing *tear, tear*) and Michelle Monaghan. So far, the book has kept me on my toes and I can’t wait to see how it ends!


I love to read, so I will need to head off to Barnes & Noble as soon as I am finished with these. Maybe I will purchase something different like a murder mystery!

What TV show am I watching? Lately, I have been making my way through Gossip Girl. It is the definition of a teen drama, but I really love it. I am also in the middle (or towards the end) of Lost, Breaking Bad, and Supernatural. All these shows offer something very different to viewers and I can’t help but be addicted to each of them. They all bring out a certain part of me: adventure, mystery, magic. But they have one obvious thing in common: drama. I mean, seriously, what is a good show without tons of drama?

What color are my nails? I just painted them, actually! They were light pink, with each ring finger black with a pink glitter on top, but now they are lavender, with the pink glitter on the ring finger.


I don’t know what it is about making the third finger on each hand have something different or special, but it is kind of cool. Artsy as I like to jokingly call it. I always have to have my nails painted because they will break, causing me to pick at them. I love having long nails and the polish helps me let them grow. Long nails also means I can give scratches to people, and I give awesome scratches.

What is my current obsession? I am really loving Pintrest, at the moment. I don’t have very many pins yet–because I am new to the scene–but I can’t stop looking at all the DIY accessories and beautiful beach scenes, and everything I want to do to my dorm room. And the food. In college, I will have to be making food for myself and Pintrest has a bunch of recipes (most dessert–yay!) that look amazing. Natalie and I can’t wait to be making a plethora of new and cool meals for us and our roommates. If you want to follow me, click here.

Who is my current girl crush? Well, I have two. One of them, the one who will forever be my biggest, is Carrie Underwood. She is flawless. And she has awesome legs that I need. I wish I had her voice because her belt is truly outstanding. If I could sing like her, I would be set for life. My other girl crush right now is Leighton Meester. She played Blair on Gossip Girl. She is absolutely beautiful, and she sings, too. I admire so much about her. And Leighton as Blair is pretty inspiring; she knows how to take charge and get what she wants. Obviously, there are some consequences, but there are also some important life lessons there. And she married Adam Brody, which is a huge win, in itself.

What am I wearing? Well, I am currently clad in my favorite jean shorts from American Eagle (it’s pretty much the only place I buy jeans) and a racerback t-shirt from Bass Lake, which is my favorite place in the entire world. My dad bought me this shirt a few weeks ago when he was there with my brother and older sister. It’s the closest I’ve been to the lake in four years. Actually, that’s not true, I asked him to buy me sweatpants last year. They are purple and soft and downright heavenly. I am also wearing pink fuzzy socks with Hello Kitty on them. Yes, I am almost nineteen, but I still love Hello Kitty. And, not that you need to know, my bra is lacy and cheetah print from Victoria’s Secret. It is my favorite!


Can you tell I like this pose?

 But since I have work, I will be wearing black workout shorts and a biiiiiiig orange t-shirt. It is an extra large, but it was all that was left in the bin. I stole it from the summer camp closet, shhh.

What is something this week I am looking forward to? I am going to Sky High with a couple of my friends from work on Wednesday and I am beyond excited. I have never been before! I have been to a couple of places similar to it though, called Sky Zone and Jump Highway. It will be really fun because it will be a break from work! Isn’t that what the weekend is for? Well, yes, but this is going to be a “pre-weekend” or a treat to get me through the week, like “congratulations the week is half over!” type of thing.

What am I listening to? I just deleted all of my Pandora stations and made new ones to my preferences. At this present moment I am listening to “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World on my “Rock/Screamo Guilty Pleasure Radio.” Before last summer, I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to real ‘screamo’ music, but now I really enjoy it. Okay, maybe not the actual screaming part because that just hurts my throat, but there are some really good songs. And as I have said it a million times before, music is a way of life. I do not know where I would be without it.

What make-up am I wearing? I only really wear foundation and mascara these days. Anything else takes too long. I wouldn’t even wear foundation if I didn’t have acne. I wear it to even out my skin tone. I have Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup in the “fresh ivory” shade. It is light and helps with my zits; I love wearing it because I can’t feel it. There is not much worse than being able to feel your foundation on your face. The mascara I use is waterproof Covergirl LashBlast Fusion (the purple one, but the orange works perfectly as well). I like to experiment with finding the right mascara, often changing brands too, but I always come back to this one. I really do love it.


I have a ton of make-up (thank you, show choir) but I don’t wear that much anymore. When I do wear eyeliner, though, I wear Covergirl Perfect Point Plus, and with eye shadow I use Almay Intense I-Color for brown eyes.

What is a bad habit I need to kick? Oh, there are too many. I really should stop staying up so late, though. I feel it when I have to wake up early for work in the mornings. It was worse when I had to wake up an hour earlier for school because I had a zero period, which means my first class is at seven rather than eight. Sleep is extremely important, and I need to stop taking it for granted.

What is one thing I am really happy about? I have loved Hilary Duff since forever, and I am beyond excited that she is making music again. I anxiously waited for her new single “Chasing the Sun” and have listened to it about three dozen times. It is very pop-y, but I love that about it. The song just makes me all happy and bubbly inside. Her son is also the cutest thing ever. Hilary is perfect, and I cannot wait to see what will come from her next!

So I guess that is it for the first “Right Now” post. I might make it a monthly thing, just to see how and if anything has changed in that period of time. I hope you enjoyed this! It was kind of random, I know, but I thought it would be nice to talk about a bunch of topics all in one post. I hope you all have an absolutely extraordinary week!

Countdown to nineteen: 10 days! Eeeeep! -A


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