Something Great

Happy Thursday!

I only have a short post for you today. I am very tired because (nor surprise) work is driving me crazy and I worked on crafts for the day into the wee hours of the morning–but hey, I got paid for it, which means overtime, baby! Staying up late plus Sky High with my friends equals a very exhausted Ashley.

Oh, and the countdown is still going: one week until my birthday!

As it gets closer, and as I discover more about what I am going to be doing in college, I have been becoming more and more anxious and excited. Eeeeeep!!

On Tuesday, the housing payment plan was released. While we will not find out where we are living and with whom until August 20th, the payment plan will let us know if we get doubles or triples or in the apartments or dorms. I longed to live in the apartments with a single room, rather than a double. Singles mean four people per suite, doubles mean six. I figured I would just get a double because I am a freshman and there are a lot of us. A lot. Natalie called me to let me know that the information was released and how to add up everything to determine the basics. I eagerly pulled up the website, with her on the line. She was exclaiming that she had gotten into the apartment with a single room, so I was praying hard. I gave her one of the prices and she screamed saying that meant I wasn’t in a dorm. Sweet. She told me to add up certain other payments. When I said the total, she screamed again. I had gotten a single, too! This gave me more hope that we would be roomed together like we requested.

I am so excited to have a single. The rooms may be slightly small, but I can decorate how I please. I have twinkling lights and a color scheme to match my sheets. Black, white, and pink! I have also never had my own room and now I finally could! I am still teeming with excitement.

The other thing is that our schedules for the Fall Quarter were released last night. The administrators pick our schedules for the first quarter, so I had no idea what I would get.


This means that on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have a class called “Music of the USA” from 12:10 to 1:30, and then one called “Healthy Living” from 2:30 to 4:00. On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:10 to 11:00, I have Public Speaking. No classes on Friday for me!

While I am super happy with my schedule (sleeping in is practically a foreign concept to me right now), I am a little nervous about having Public Speaking in the morning. Or Public Speaking in general. I do not like public speaking at all, if me repeating the words too many times in the last three sentences wasn’t clue enough to my nervousness. I think I will be okay though because I got more comfortable with presentations towards the end of senior year. Or rather, the last two or three weeks of senior year.

I am beyond excited for the upcoming year. Before this week, I was in the dark about so many things, but now big things are being brought to light. Important things. It is becoming more real by the second!

I am feeling a huge mix of emotions: anxiousness, nervousness, happiness, excitement, eagerness…there has been lots of squealing and butterflies. I absolutely cannot wait for this!

I don’t know what is going to happen, but for once, I am totally and utterly okay with it. I do not mind not knowing exactly what will happen. For the first time, I won’t have anyone to give me advice on my teachers! I can check this website, but there is no guarantee an accurate review! It is like reviews on Amazon, I do not know the people rating the products. In high school, my sister or older friends had all my teachers. Not this time. I will get a first time experience.

What do I expect? Nothing, really. I am ready to free fall, to jump into the unknown. Wow, that sounds cliche…who cares? I am into it.

Once again, eeeeeep! -A


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