Over the last couple of days, I have been getting sick, and I am not happy about it. I have still gone to work because I do not think it is serious enough or contagious to stay home. My voice has been slowly leaving me since the beginning of July. At first, it was just because I had to yell at my kids all the time–and only more since then–but now my throat hurts all the way in my chest and it feels like it is slightly swollen. I am also quite congested and my nose is being very indecisive with whether or not it will be stuffy or runny. I have been feeling a bit nauseated and my head hurts. There is a good chance I will stay home form work one of these days, but we will see.

So since this has been all that’s on my mind this week, I am going to share some things that I do/things that help me during a time like this. These are my Top 5 Sick Day Essentials.

1. Sleep. Sleep is oh-so-important, especially when you are sick. Get as much sleep as you can at night and then take naps throughout the day. Rest will give you energy and make you feel refreshed–after the initial groggy wake up. I took a lovely two-hour the other day and boy, did I feel better when I woke up! There are certain time lengths for naps and sleep that will leave you feeling well rested. The shortest time is a 20-minute nap. It then bumps up to an hour, an hour and a half, and so on. If you were to get, say, 40 minutes, you would not feel as energized. So get lots of sleep!

2. Vitamin C. When it comes to colds and sore throats, Vitamin C is key. My mom has supplement, and I take one every morning when I am sick like this. This morning, I felt almost instantly better one I swallowed that horse pill. I’m serious; it is huge. Probably and inch tall and half an inch in diameter. Sometimes, my mom has chewable ones that are orange flavor–because what says Vitamin C better than oranges? If you ever have those, drink water with it. They are sour; it is a lot to take in all at once! If you do mot have access to a supplement like this, just go with the common source: orange juice. I promise, it will make you feel so much better.

3. Netflix. Basically, Netflix is awesome all of the time, not just when you are sick. But being sick makes you very lazy and this website is the perfect thing to pass the time. Take a nap, get your Vitamin C and snuggle up on the couch. It is a great way to catch up on all of the shows you’ve missed out on or wanted to start. I recommend TV dramas or ’80s movies.

4. Book. I am serious. Maybe it is because I adore reading, but it definitely help you forget about being sick. If you find a good book, you become invested in it and that sore throat or stuffy nose becomes old news! I am about to start reading If I Stay, which has been made into a film and will be released in a few weeks. I’ve been meaning to read it forever, but I just borrowed it from my sister’s friend. I will probably start it tonight. Falling in love with a book is enough to make you forget about the fact your body is fighting a disease.

5. Tea. And lots of it! Tea is a live saver; hot tea, cold tea, even lukewarm tea sometimes. I used to not drink it at all, but once I started, there was no turning back. If you are sick, warm tea works the best; it is very soothing for your throat. My favorite kind is Tazo Passionfruit Tea (like the kind you get at Starbucks) with two or three sugar packets. I love it hot or cold, and even though I don’t always have it handy, honey is the perfect sweetener! I drink cold tea almost daily–Arnold Palmers are my life. Sweet Tea is heavenly, and it makes me sometimes believe I should have been born in the south. Warning: Tea makes me pee practically non-stop. As someone who once went 15 hours without peeing and was fine, it is weird.

If you have these things, you are in good hands. I can vouch that each thing has helped me get through my prolonged colds and battles with sore throats. I cannot quite remember the last time I had the flu or anything super serious, so if you have these illnesses, definitely see a doctor. The most serious illness my immune system fought was a five month sinus infection my freshman year of high school (which sounds a lot worse than it was. I mean, it was pretty awful, but hey, I am still alive). I was on antibiotics, which was the only think not on this list that helped me.

One more thing that you can do while you are sick, although I can already hear your groans and you honestly might not have a well enough mindset (even with a cold) to do it, but homework also helps. I know the last time I was sick enough to stay home form school, I had AP tests and my first SAT to prepare for. Granted, I did not get much studying done, but if you can do that, I suggest you go for it.

As I write this, I am realizing that I can breathe fairly comfortably again. It was the Vitamin C I took this morning, I know it! It is the best thing for colds, I swear by it.

It is Pajama Friday at work today. Footsie pjs, here I come! I hope you all have an outstanding Friday and do something super fun over the weekend. I am going to Chinatown in LA with Stephanie and Ally today! Next thing on my to do list: what to wear tonight.

Always, A.


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