Little Bit of Everything

Okay, I know I said I would do a review of Shark Week but I feel that would just bore you. Not everyone loves it as much as I do. But it will be a part of this post, just saying.
These are just a few things I have been really into this week. Things I am excited about, obsessing over, doing, etc.

1. Shark Week

Told you so! I really love Shark Week. I may be terrified of sharks and everything about them, but there is something about this particular week on the Discovery Channel that intrigues me. It it nearly a need for me to watch the late night documentaries that tend to be over-exaggerated and, let’s be honest, slightly false. Then afterwards, Shark After Dark airs, with the lovely (and attractive) host Josh Wolf. There are celebrity guests and shark experts. It is a great combination, really.


Shark Week has become a massive event. At Coldstone, there is even a special on the menu. It consists of blue colored sweet cream ice cream, crushed graham crackers, and shark gummies. I am in love with it.
I anxiously wait all summer for this week. I make plans around the episodes. Does that make me a loser?


2. My Future Wedding

If you read my “Right Now” post, which you can check out here if not, you’d know that my current obsession is Pintrest. Recently, I have added a new board called “The Big Day” and it revolves around weddings. I have always adored weddings and often dreamed of what mine will be like. I have actually made plans and picked out colors and flowers and menus. Yes, I am one of those people. I can’t wait to fall in love and meet “the one.” Granted, I don’t need it to happen right now, or even soon. Five years from now is the minimum of my plans for this day. Regardless, that will not stop me from constantly thinking about it.


3. College

It is T- 29 days until move-in day. I just went to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a few things for my room! My color scheme is black, white, and pink, and my theme is Paris. I bought little storage bins and fabric baskets and a Britta water jug. I also want to hang twinkly lights, I threw some Command hooks in the cart. Just purchasing it all is making me downright giddy.

Quite a few people I know are moving out this week–and some already have. Edie is moving to Arizona on Tuesday. TUESDAY. That is so soon! And Gracie is leaving on Friday. What am I going to do without the two of them? Why must I still have a month until I can start over? I am complaining, but it will be here soon enough, I’m sure.

4. Pandora

Recently, I deleted all of my stations and made new ones. There were a bunch that I didn’t care for anymore and some played the same music. To fix this, I made a few stations the were a mix of several bands and artists. The one that I have been listening to the most–well, the only one I have been listening to–is the “Rock/Scremo Guilty Pleasure Radio.” It plays everything from A Day to Remember, My Chemical Romance, and Blink 182 to the Goo Goo Dolls and Edwin McCain.

If you had talked to me a few months ago, I would tell you you were insane for thinking I liked screamo music, but after listening to A Day to Remember almost non-stop with my ex, I actually enjoy it. I just do not like when the lead singer is actually screaming; it makes my throat hurt just listening. Without the raspy yelling, it sounds just like the other bands, which is why I ended up liking it.
I barely listen to anything other than this station. However, just the other day I bought the new 5 Seconds of Summer album, so that will be on repeat for a few weeks. I really do adore music and the people who play it.

5. Taking Naps

The only reason I have survived the last couple of weeks is because I have been napping after work. Oh, how I needed them! I have nearly nodded off during lunch and water play at work every day. Sleeping for an hour afterwards is the thing that allowed me to get through the rest of the day.
It is my own fault, really. I keep staying up too late and regretting it the next day. Regretting it as I stay awake. Sleep is so important and I need it as to not be a huge B-word all the time.

Now that work is over, I am able to sleep in, so naps won’t be so necessary to my energy supply. I know I will need to adjust my sleeping habits once I get to school–especially because I will have such an abnormal class schedule. But for now, little breaks from reality throughout the day are my favorite parts of the day. Like when I write or read, sleeping gives me an escape. So three cheers for naps!!

These may be five very random things, but I have been thinking a lot about them. Hmm…maybe my next obsession will be 80s and 90s movies–first up, Heathers. It is what I am watching as I wrote this post. It is also what I am watching instead of sleeping. I foresee a nap in the future!

So what has the rest of the world been up to this week? Anything interesting? Even if it’s not, I’d love to hear about it!


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