Calling All Angels

Dear Chelsea,

We may not have spoken all summer, but you are still my friend. You are one of the nicest people I have ever met, and that is the truth. You care so much about people. You take pride in whatever you do. You killed it as Publicity Chair in ASB last year. You are going to do fabulous things in San Francisco this year.


You welcomed me like I was always there; you never treated me like an outsider. You allowed the trio to become a quad like it was nothing, and I am grateful for that. You were so happy for me when I went on my first date with you-know-who. You said you felt “like a proud mom.” You were one of the only people to give him a chance, and that means so much. The four of us, you, me, Gaby, and Bela, we wanted to kick senior year’s butt. And that’s exactly what we did.

You may be in love with Justin Bieber, whom I kind of despise, but that is okay. It’s why you understand my love for One Direction. When we had that quasi-heart-to-heart at Grad Nite, I felt closer with you. If there was someone I wanted to keep in touch with over the summer, it was you. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out that way.


You are beautiful and you don’t even have to try. Girl, your eyebrows don’t need to be colored in. You are gorgeous and anyone who doesn’t see that is an idiot.

And now we are here.

We don’t ask for things like this to happen. Nobody wakes up in the morning and expects to have an aneurysm. They don’t plan on having a six-hour brain surgery. How much does that cost? I don’t want to know. You didn’t think that waking up in a hospital was part of your agenda. You still haven’t woken up, yet.


I want to visit you like the rest of your friends, but I am afraid. I am no longer a part of the group, so it would be weird. But it’s not just that. I am scared to see you. I am scared to see what you look like. It’s why I wasn’t allowed to see my uncle in the hospital in the months before cancer took him away. There is blood on your face and tubes in your body. I can’t stand to see someone I care about look like that. It kills me. Does this make me a coward? Would you want me to be there?


Not that I want any of you to make a donation, because you don’t know her, but even a dollar could make a difference. Just putting it out there. Any kind of surgery is expensive, but brain surgery? It’s a fortune. If you would like to donate, click here.

I love you, Chelsea, and I want nothing more than for you to make a complete recovery. You deserve only the best in the world. You are a true friend. I am praying for you every day. Today, we wear pink for you.


Love you with all of my heart,


PS I did the Ice Bucket Challenge today, and if you would care to donate to that organization instead, click here.


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