Love Story

I believe that everything happens for a reason and everyone has a soulmate. I truly think that there is a “the one” for everyone, we just have to find them. No matter what obstacles get in the way, they will find each other…or re-find each other. And that is why I love love.

painted_7x15_solid_wood_sign_plaque_with_love_bible_verse_-_great_wedding_decor_or_gift_idea_0ebd1badToday I helped my grandpa move out of his house here in Burbank. He has lived in this city his whole life; everyone knows him. People come up to my mom and say, “Oh, you’re Bill Boyd’s daughter!” I’m not even kidding. Burbank is his town. So why is he leaving now? Because he is back with my grandmother.

My grandparents were what you would call “high school sweethearts.” They went to John Burroughs High School ( my alma mater!) and got married a few years later. They had two great kids: my uncle Joe and my mom. By the time my mom was ready for high school, they moved out of town, so she didn’t get to experience the same high school, unfortunately.

But when my mom was seven, her parents separated, and then divorced when she was eleven. I guess they weren’t each other’s “the one.” They were still on good terms, though, as they had started out as best friends. My mom believes that they would have gotten back together if one thing hadn’t happened: both of them got remarried. My grandpa married a woman my mother sometimes refers to as “the dragon lady.” I mean, she liked her when they were dating, but as soon as they married, she said she was a gold-digger. My grandma’s new husband wasn’t all that either. He was nice, from what she tells me, but he was also an alcoholic and a mean drunk. I never knew him or his kids. I don’t even think my mom knows what happened to her step-siblings. But both of my grandparents divorced again.

Looks like it was strike two on finding “the one” for them.

Despite all this, they were still friends and on good terms. When I was about four, my grandpa started dating another woman. For a long time, I just referred to her as my other grandmother because I didn’t quite understand what had happened. My parents were (and are) still together, so I didn’t really know divorce. Soon, though, I learned that she was just his girlfriend. If others asked, I just called her my step-grandmother, for the most part. He was with her for fourteen years, so she’d been in my life for a long time.

My grandma lives in Palm Springs, my grandpa lives in Burbank. So who did I see more? My grandma. But, wait, he lives no more than ten minutes from me…Don’t get me wrong, my grandpa’s girlfriend was nice and I liked her, but she was more into being with her family than being with ours. That seems like it’s not a big deal, but they fact that I barely ever saw him was kind of a problem for me. I got to see my grandmother two hours away more than someone who lived in town, and that didn’t feel right to any of us.

This woman’s daughter was moving to Savannah, Georgia to find work. She and her husband were the last of the family to lives on the west coast, besides my grandpa’s girlfriend. Because of this, she figured it was time to join her daughter on the east coast. My grandpa, who has lived here forever, wasn’t having any of that, so they broke up. It was a little sad to see this woman go–she’d been with him almost my whole life–but it wasn’t too big of a shame. Because my grandpa was now living on his own again in his house, we had him over for dinner one Sunday, and it became a weekly thing. Strike three for him turned out to be a wonderful thing.

I’ve seen him more in the last few months than I had in years! It was great having him in my life again.

My grandma, this whole time, was living close to her sister, going on trips and whatnot. She worked, but her hours were flexible. Her best friend also lives in Burbank, so that allowed me to see her even more than us just visiting her. Well, her friend couldn’t go on one of the trips, so my grandpa offered to join her. After that, they took a few more trips are together. Soon, he would go stay with her in Palm Springs for days at a time.

I couldn’t believe it: my grandparents had gotten back together! We were all a bit shocked, but everyone thought it was the best thing ever. Anyone who knows always points of how great they think it is; a lot of people get a total kick out of it. And now he’s moving back there, so they can live together.

After all of that time–35 years!!–they found their way back to each other. The first strike wasn’t really a strike at all. It goes back to what I said before: with love, you can always find your way back to “the one” and everything happens for a reason. Love is a roller coaster ride; it’s an adventure. And I love that my grandparents were able to be together again.

I didn’t know my grandparents on my dad’s side, as they died before I was born, but they stayed together–’til death did they part. My whole life, I didn’t really know what it was like to have grandparents who were together and in love. Now I do. Better late than never!

I have always been a fan of love and falling in love and pretty much anything having to do with love. I find it fascinating, actually. My grandparents’ story is something I admire because it reinforces my theories about love. It was brought to my attention that, since I am a writer, I should write their love story. It was a great idea, and I’ve already started brainstorming! I’m thinking fiction but based on their story. I’m already working on two other stories, so right now, it’s on the back-burner, but I know it would be good. Also, I think waiting until I’m a little bit older and more experienced with love will help me.

But mostly, I just love it. It gives me hope for the future: that my “the one” is out there somewhere.

Today, we are moving my grandpa into his new house. Their love story is beginning again, and I can’t explain how happy I am.

I am a firm believer in love, and I look forward to finding my “the one.” -A



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