Hello, everyone!

Just to let you all know, my grandparents are moved into their new house–well, everything is still in boxes but…His house is adorable. They live in a gated community strictly for people 55 and older, but there are enough grandkids there to make the pool quite crowded. And get this, his house came with a golf cart! Needless to say I spent the entire day driving my little sister around; we even got a little lost at one point. Despite it being 109º all day, it was pretty cool. I’m happy that hey are happy.

They call each other “honey” and it makes my heart melt. I’ve never heard them call each other that until now, and I think it’s the most adorable thing ever.

He also gave me an electric grill, a hand mixer–in case, you know, I want to make a cake–and a bunch of pots and pans. I’m not going to keep all of them, but some of this stuff will be good for my apartment. I’m definitely taking the grill, though, because I can make burgers and stuff. Mama loves her burgers.

My parents are currently at my grandpa’s house here in Burbank, cleaning up a few things that are going to the veterans. I am sitting at home for the day. The guy my sister is dating (EEEP!) is coming over and they are going to start House of Cards on Netflix. I love House of Cards. It’s the bee’s knees. Season three needs to come out soon or there will be a very unhappy Ashley on their hands.

This is how I feel about them watching the show. Seriously, click the link.

I might go hang out with Grace, though, which will be a party no matter what we do. I love that girl.

But anyway, I would just like to wish you all a very happy Labor Day filled with barbecues and burgers and hot dogs and happiness. And that you enjoy this day off from school, if you are there.

happy-labor-day-2014-42I hope y’all have a wonderful day! And that you appreciate all the people in this world that work hard. This day off is for you!

On another note, guess how many days there are until I get to move into my apartment at school. Guess. FOURTEEN DAYS!! That is two weeks from now. I am beyond excited. I’m probably going to pack a little bit today. I have quite a bit of clothes that I need to fit into only a few boxes. Wish me luck!

🙂 -A


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