Move Along

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’ve got my second “Question of the Day” post for you today. You can check out the first one here. Enjoy!


What will you do in the next two weeks to bring more joy, passion, and purpose into your life?

Well, this one doesn’t take much thought because guess what I am doing in less than two weeks: moving into college! I truly cannot wait to start my new life as a Cal Poly student. That itself is going to bring more joy into my life. I love my roommates and I’ve started packing and the pile of stuff in my living room has grown and been organized. Some things are neatly in boxes and everything. My clothes are separated into piles of “stuff I’m leaving” and “stuff I’m taking” and my closet is sorted in the same type of way.

Then I get to pack all my heels and dresses for rush! I am so excited about that. Having these new friends and “sisters” will help me so much. Even the thought of it makes me overjoyed.

Going to college will bring more passion into my life because I will get to study what I love. Of course, I won’t have any major classes in my first quarter, but that can give me more time to work on the novel I am writing. As the days wind down and move in day gets closer, I have more and more motivation to finish writing and revising it. I have worked so hard for so long on this story, and I just want to finish it! I have everything planned out in my head down to the last detail, I just need to write it all down. My passion for writing will only grow once I start school.

Going to college and moving out and making a new life for myself is giving me purpose. All these years, I’ve just felt stuck. Now that I am starting over, I have a new fire in me. I want to go out there and make new friends and meet new people. For a long time, I have felt like my life has had no meaning, that if I disappeared, no one would care or it wouldn’t matter. Now, all I want is to start over. All I want is to live my life. I have this new motivation to make something of myself. Before, it was to prove to everyone that I had some importance to the world, but now it is because I know I do.

This question is so fitting for today because of what I have been preparing for. Everything will be completely different in two weeks. I will no longer be blogging from Burbank. I won’t be spending my days at home, wondering what on earth I’m going to do with myself that day. I won’t be completely bored because all my friends are already at their colleges.

Instead I will be blogging from San Luis Obispo. I will be spending my days at school, meeting new people, getting ready to rush a sorority. I will have new friends in my classes and my building. Of course, I dearly miss my friends, but I won’t be jealous of them already starting their new lives. I will be right there along with them.

I can’t wait for my new life to start. A life full of new joy, new passion, and new purpose. It’s funny, I’m maturing, but the only sound I can muster is EEEEEEP!!

I love you all! -A


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