Matter of Time

You guys, the day is here. There is only ONE WEEK LEFT UNTIL I MOVE INTO MY APARTMENT IN COLLEGE. In one week, everything will be different, and I can’t freaking wait!

Today, I have a couple of things to check off of my to do list.

  1. Go to the Apple Store and buy a new phone charger. About a month ago, my cord stopped working–or rather it was way too temperamental for me to deal with. Since then, I have been borrowing my sister’s iPad Mini charger. Since I am leaving in a week, I need to get a new cord before then. Might as well do it now, while aforementioned sister finds out what the heck is wrong with her phone.
  2. Apply aloe vera. Lots and lots of aloe vera. I got fairly sunburned yesterday at Sea World. It was my fault, though, because I didn’t put on any sunscreen. It’s mostly just my nose and my thighs that are bad; everything else will be a tan within a day or two.
  3. Go to the beach! My favorite beach is here in Encinitas, California, and it is called Moonlight Beach. The water is warm, the waves are pretty great, and the boys are oh-so-cute! I’m serious, I have witnessed a few of the most attractive guys I have ever seen at this beach. Yes, I am slightly boy crazy, but what else is new?

That is what I just need to do today. I have quite a few important things to do this week. My last week in Burbank (it’s so crazy!). Plus I only have Tuesday and Wednesday to do these things for sure because I might go to Disneyland on Thursday or Friday and then I’m going to an Angel game on Saturday. On Sunday, I will be off to San Luis Obispo!

Ashley’s Final Week in Burbank To-do List

1. Pack

That’s right, I need to pack up the rest of my clothes, among other things. I need to decide on books to take, pictures to hang, and how on earth I am going pick which of my pillow pets to take with me (I have three). My room is a mess, but hopefully it won’t be like that for long! Will I finally have the motivation to do this? I have no choice now.

2. Have lunch with Ally and simultaneously FaceTime Stephanie

This will be the last time any of the Dream Team will be together. Ally is going to come over at lunch one day–I’ll make something yummy for us–and then we are going to FaceTime Stephanie while she’s at school. Hopefully, she won’t have class and the timing will work out. After this, every member of the Dream Team will be in different places. Can you believe it?

And while we are in different places now, the Old Enough Trio will officially be off at college in three separate places. I am extremely sad about this part of leaving. I am excited to make new friends, though, so bring it on.

3. Read my bible

Lately I have been in some serious need of guidance from God. With the way I feel about myself and the soon-to-be relocation, I am feeling lost. This is such a big transition for me, and while I keep saying I am ready for it, I do have reservations, as I have said before. And my ED thoughts have taken up a big part of my mind in the last few days. It is all so hard. I have some praying and reading to do, don’t I?

But speaking of prayers, a few of mine have been answered! Chelsea is doing great! She is speaking. Speaking! And she was tweeting the other day. I am just so happy. I can’t stop smiling whenever I think about it.

4. Perfect my laundry routine

I know, I know, I am nineteen years old and I can barely do laundry. It’s just a bit confusing to me: lights, darks, whites, cold water, hot water, air dry, use the dryer. What goes with what? Well, within the next seven days I have to figure it out and memorize it. I have been taught before, but I don’t remember everything, and I definitely should. I will be doing all of my own laundry when I move out, and I can’t risk accidentally shrinking all of my clothes or something worse. So wish me luck on that.

5. Figure out what to do for my first vlog

Yup, you read that right! I am starting a youtube channel at the beginning of college and I want to do all sorts of things. It will be called “A Heart Wide Open” just like this blog and I will address things I say and do on this website and whatnot. I hope to post videos weekly, but we will see what my schedule looks like. I might not even have a new post for y’all every day anymore! I’m still hoping, though. I also want to do lip-syncing covers, too because those are always fun. I have about six or seven songs lined up so far. But the first vlog is always important; it sets the tone for the whole channel. Maybe just an introduction of myself? Something along the lines of but maybe more detailed version of this? We will see now, won’t we?

Yay, for lists!! They make my life easier. Hopefully every one of these things will be checked off of my list before Sunday! For my motivation, I guess I will just look at this picture of a beluga whale I took yesterday. I LOVE THEM!


I mean, come one, look at how cute he (or I guess, she) is!!! I can’t handle it.

I hope you all have a great week and that you started your Monday off right! Oh, and I am going to repeat myself: ONE MORE WEEK!!! I am going to explode.

Okay. Goodbye. I love you. ❤ -A


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