I know I’ll be There to Figure it Out Everywhere You Look

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I hope you Monday was terrific and that your Tuesday will be/has been just as great. I should be packing right now, but instead I am writing this because it is that time of the week again! Yes, it is time for the Question of the Day post.

questionofday_410x315So onto today’s question:

What is your favorite television show that got cancelled?

Ughhhh do I have to pick just one? I guess it doesn’t matter because I’m going to tell you about multiple ones.

 Lizzie McGuire

This show is probably one of the best shows to come out of Disney, hands down. I learned so much from Lizzie’s middle school adventures, from bras to boys. Even though it was a TV show, the characters dealt with a lot of very real situations. Also, Hilary Duff is a queen.

Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Although there were some very unrealistic aspects to this show, it, like Lizzie McGuire, taught me a lot about friends, crushes, school, bullies, etc. Even though I went to a private school, a lot of the tips were extremely helpful in surviving middle school. Lindsey Shaw (aka Moze) also went to my elementary school, which was kind of awesome.


This show…Not going to lie I am watching it right now. I love love love it. All the characters are unique and they all bring something different to the show. I feel every emotion when I watch it because it deals with happy times to sad events. I also get frustrated with Ross and Rachel’s relationship because I just wanted them to be together the whole time! This show is truly a classic–to me, at least.


I know I have talked about this show before way back here, but I didn’t say much about it. It is about a cop who was put in jail for twelve years for a crime he didn’t commit. He got $50 million for it, too, but all he wanted was his job back. The show is two seasons of solving murders and him trying to figure out who killed his friends and who framed him for it. He is new to the world of cell phones and technology and obsesses over fruit and its freshness. He has a couple of unconventional tactics, but it works and it’s awesome. Also, the main character is played by Damien Lewis and he is a ginger. I love my gingers.

Full House

There is probably absolutely nothing about this show that I didn’t like. It was one of the best shows on TV, I swear. All the characters are great, and like Friends, I felt every emotion watching the series. Of course, I wasn’t alive for the majority of it, but I have quite a few seasons on DVD and I drop everything to watch it on Nick at Nite. The show dealt with everything from death to drugs to school to love to family. I love this show probably more than any show that is on right now. And John Stamos is still a babe.

Boy Meets World

Like many of the shows I’ve mentioned, this show deals with real life problems, and I think that that is really important in a show. While watching unrealistic events can be fun, I’d rather view a slightly exaggerated episode about something I am or will be going through. I love the characters of this show, too. They are all so funny and real. The Matthews weren’t super wealthy like many TV families are nowadays, and I liked that about them. Cory is also the middle child, and that is something I can definitely relate to. A show that can make me laugh and cry like this one deserves to be on this list.


This show is hands down one of my all-time favorites. The main characters are two of the funniest guys ever. Shawn and Gus are the definition of a dynamic duo, and I kind of think of Natalie and me like them. They get themselves into so many shenanigans that make me laugh. I also can’t say no to a show about detectives, even “psychic” ones. I love guessing who did it from the beginning, and I got pretty damn good at it through the years. I can’t say I didn’t cry at least once during every episode in the final season. I cried even just thinking about it ending. Plus, there was a musical special, which made me about die. It was fantastic. Now excuse me while I go re-watch all eight seasons again…

So there you have it, my favorite TV shows that are no longer on the air. I still get sad and pouty whenever I think that any of these shows are over, especially psych because that only just ended in March. The wound is still fresh.

So what are some of your favorite shows that were cancelled? I’d love to know!



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