Our Last Night

Today…today I am off to San Luis Obispo. Tonight I’m meeting and having dinner with my roommates. Tomorrow I am moving into my new apartment. But today…today I leave Burbank, my home for the last eighteen years. I wasn’t sad about it; you’ve seen my countdown in almost every post. But last night I said goodbye to my second and third families, and I had my first feelings of sadness. This is the last time I will type “Burbank, Ca” into the location…

Here’s the thing: I am not all that upset about moving out and leaving this town–I always joke about how I only have six friends anyway. I, however, did not realize how much these people meant to me. It is so hard to say goodbye to your family and the people who have been like extended family. The words, “I’ll see you at Thanksgiving” did not have the same light-hearted tone as when I’d said them before.

IMG_3880I mean, I was squealing all night about how excited I was to meet my roommates. We celebrated together for my last night in town…even though we weren’t actually in town. I truly, deeply love these people. They are all my family.

So, yes, I am sad. I won’t get to see these people as often as I have. I won’t get to babysit those crazy twin boys who aren’t paying attention in that picture. I won’t get to sarcastically banter with “Uncle Jer Jer,” the guy in the red hat, top left.

Here’s to the good times and the bad, the happy and the sad, the funny and the serious…Burbank, it’s been so, so real. You will always be a home to me, as much as I say I need to leave. I can’t imagine growing up in any other place. I will never forget the time I’ve spent here. Everything I’ve learned will help me grow at Cal Poly.

I’ll say it again: See you at Thanksgiving ❤



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