The Saga Begins

You guys, I did it. I spent my first night in college. In a new city, in a new apartment, shared with my new roommates, in a new bed. I showered in a new shower. I explored a new place. I was roped into test-driving laser tag with new people. I am currently blogging from my new couch looking at my new view of Bishop’s Peak. I absolutely love it here. I am peeing from excitement.

Yesterday was hectic, and I’ve told you enough how excited I was before I go there. I wanted to wait until after I already got semi-settled in before I gave you a new verdict.

But guess what! I have wifi in my room. That is something I did not have back home because the signal was too weak to make it all the way to my bed. It is so utterly great and it’s really nice that I don’t have to get up and walk around to find wifi.

So let me take you through the last couple of days:


I took the northbound train to Carpenteria at 9:30 with my dad. All my stuff was in my mom’s car and she was going to meet us with my little sister for lunch at this awesome burger place called the Spot. I adore that little town so much. On the train, I–along with the entire car I think–listened intently as a woman told the tale of the 24 hours she spent in jail for driving under the influence. It was pretty entertaining, to be honest, and she did not look like the type of woman who would have held her own in a holding cell.

IMG_3892Then we drove the rest of the way to SLO with my mom and sister. When we got there, our room wasn’t quite ready, so we went into downtown to look around and do a little shopping. We found the CVS and walked down the little streets. There is an ice cream place, and when I walked in, it was like a sugar overload in my nose. It was so damn good. Thank you waffle cones for smelling amazing.

Later that afternoon we went back to the hotel and hung out for a little bit until it was time for dinner with my roommates! We made reservations at a pizza place in downtown. It was packed when we got there thanks to a football game, so thank God we called ahead of time. I love my roomies so much! They are so cute and nice. I’m so happy we met each other on Facebook and got to know each other. They really are great girls and I love hanging out with them. Even just after two days, I think we will get along just fine.

IMG_3898Well, then there is Natalie, who is my best friend in the entire world, so that was already a given that I loved her. I think Vanessa and Alice might think it’s a little but weird because of the way we are with each other sometimes, but all four of us are so comfortable with each other already, so it will probably be okay.

After dinner my family and I went back to our hotel and I showered, totally pumped for the next day. It was hard to sleep that night!


This was it: move in day. I counted down the days with you and twitter. I was so excited–or as Natalie would say, “juiced.” There were so many people there trying to get into one of the entrances because all of the dorms are right there. Since I am in an apartment, I went a different way, but I still had to fight the line to get to the right street to turn down. A girl from my rival high school (also named Ashley) messaged me on Facebook because she was driving right behind me. What a coincidence!

It was pretty packed by the apartments, though too. Natalie went with me to check in and get my keys (since she had gotten there before me), where I met our Community Advisors, which are like RAs. I love them so much! Not just because the guy one is cute and lives right down the hall from me.


So we unloaded the car and took everything to my room. It was so awesome and cute! Very white, but that would change once all my stiff was in. Where to start, though? My sheets, I guess! I love these sheets so much and they are soft and comfy. Once the bed was made, I unpacked my clothes and put them into drawers or hung them in my wardrobe.Everything fit nicely, which I was very happy about.

On each of the bedroom doors, there were pictures of superheroes and our names. Alice had Thor, Natalie had the Hulk, Nessa had Ironman, and I got my favorite! Captain America 🙂

IMG_3899After everything was more or less unpacked, my parents took me to Target and Staples. I got a nightstand and a shower curtain and tissues. Then at Staples, I got some school supplies like highlighters and a notebook and a binder. My textbooks are also ready for pick up, so I have to do that at some point soon.

After more unpacking and tidying, Nessa and her parents went to dinner with Natalie and my families. I got mac and cheese with bacon and it was so delicious I almost couldn’t eat it. Like, food that good doesn’t deserve to be eaten by a common girl like me. Just kidding!

Then Natalie, Nessa, and I drive back for a movie at our complex. I invited one of my friends from orientation, but he bailed because his friends dragged him “party hunting” along with almost the entire freshman class. I’m sure he went along willingly, though. But since we got to the move a few minutes late, we went exploring.

IMG_3908At the biology building, there is an Albert Einstein statue that a lot of people take pictures with. This is our great roomie picture. I love these girls!

IMG_3906That’s one of the boys in love with Natalie already. He was hanging out with us, which was fine. He is nice, so I guess I had to let him tag along 😉 I just like how my foot looks kind of 3-D in this picture. After that was when we were forced into laser tag with a couple of transfers and second years. They stopped us in our tricks and “asked” us to play. It was pretty fun, but I was very bad. I usually am at those kinds of things.

When that was over, we went back to our room and my friend that bailed asked if he could swing by later. I said sure because, well, he’s cute. And I wanted to see him; we are friends, after all. He was a little intoxicated at the time though. He also asked if it would be okay if he slept over (!!!!!!). My roommates talked me into saying yes, so I texted back saying “I guess not.”

Long story short, he couldn’t find my building, asked me to go to his room (which was on, like, the other side of campus), I said no because I already was pretty much ready for bed, and I shaved my legs for nothing. I’m not saying I wanted anything to happen because I barely know him, but I was preparing for anything. I wouldn’t have done anything, though, don’t worry!

I ended up watching Breaking Bad and talking to my roommates until late, and then going to bed. Now here I am.

And I must go eat donuts, brought to us by Natalie. Stay tuned for updates about Week of Welcome! The kick off is this afternoon, and I can’t wait!

Let’s get ready to rock and roll 😉 Love you guys! -A

PS. I though it was only fitting that I use a Weird Al Yankovic song as this title because he’s a Cal Poly alumi 🙂 🙂


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