Right Now #2

Hello, everyone! I’m back for the time being and I just finished my first day of classes! Which is why this post is going up so late in the day and whatnot. It’s been over a month since my last Right Now post, and as you may have noticed, a lot has changed. If you want a recap of what I was up to last time, check it out here.

Let’s see what’s changed besides my location and my blog theme 🙂

What am I reading?

I finished the books in my last two posts, and I am off on a new one! Granted, it could take the place of those two books and then some. It’s Les Miserables by Victor Hugo.


love this story. The movie is flawless (even though countless people disagree because of Russell Crowe, I think he did an alright job). I only wish I have seen a real stage production of it because then my life would be complete. I’m not too far into it at the moment, but I love it already. Victor Hugo is an absolute genius!

What TV show am I watching?

Well, I haven’t had much time for TV this week, but I have gotten back to Breaking Bad. I have yet to finish Gossip Girl, but I have two seasons left of that, whereas I have maybe ten episodes of the former before it’s over. I can’t wait to see how it ends. I know some things (thank you, IMDB trivia) but for the most part I have been able to avoid any type of spoilers.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are probably my second favorite duo on TV–the first being Shawn and Gus from psych. I love them both and they are wonderful actors.

What color are my nails?

I just redid them this very afternoon! They were light pink with the ring finger being gold, but as of now, they are French tip. No, I didn’t go spend some insane amount of number for them, I bought acrylics from CVS. They are Revlon and I highly recommend them because they are good quality and last for a little while. I have yet to look into a nail salon to go to in downtown SLO, but I’m sure I will. Honestly, though, I probably won’t go often because it costs money and I am now a starving college student.


What is my current obsession?

In all honesty, I am totally obsessed with my school. I love it so so so much. I love the view from my couch. I love my roomies. I love my new friends. As much as it tires me out, I love this hill my building is on. I love the bagel place a short walk down the hill on campus. I just love it here.

I can’t imagine being anywhere else; I know that this school is the perfect place for me. I haven’t been happy like this is such a long time and I am so grateful. I can’t believe I didn’t want to go here when I applied–or was forced into applying. I like my classes, too. For one of them, my homework is some reading and listening to music and then I have to go to concerts. Can you say awesome? And the other class I’ve been to is pretty cool so far, and my teacher is from Burbank! I definitely will talk to her about it and whatnot; she can be my little piece of home.

But that’s the other thing: I call my apartment home. I call this place my home. I am giddy with joy!

Who is my current girl crush?

Hm…that’s a good question. I guess I’d have to go with Sandra Bullock this time. I’ve always loved her beyond words; she is perfect. She can play any role, serious or funny. She can go from The Blind Side to The Heat in the blink of an eye. Sandra Bullock is a treasure–I laughed as I wrote that but it’s pretty true. She is fan-freaking-tastic!

What am I wearing?

My first day of school outfit, of course! It is a shirt I bought online and pants I bought at American Eagle. I don’t buy my jeans anywhere else anymore. They come in short sizes, which is perfect for me!


However, because I have lost some weight since I first got them, they are just a teensy bit big on me. I mean, I was a size three, but they only came in even sizes so I bought a four, but now they are a little bit bigger than that. Incentive to gain the Freshman 15? Not a chance. But I am being much healthier about my eating habits since coming here, so don’t worry too much about me. I am also taking a “Healthy Living” class, so that could help me a lot (that’s also the class taught by the former Burbankian).

I don’t have my full-length mirror at the moment (I forgot it!) but I will have it back soon.

What is something this week I am looking forward to?

Um, everything? This Wednesday, my roommates and I are hosting a pot-luck for the people on our floor! On Monday, we went and knocked on everyone’s door to introduce ourselves because we wanted to be “social.” It worked pretty well, I’d say. We leave our door open sometimes, too. But I’m excited for the pot-luck because I love some of the people on my floor and I want to get to know everyone. I want to be that room that is known as the “social chairs” of the building. And the leaders of my WOW group awarded me with the title of Official Group 4 Reunion Organizer, which excites me 🙂

What am I listening to?

At this present moment, “Count ‘Em One, Two, Three” by the Maine is playing from my iTunes. I haven’t listened to Pandora much this last week, mostly just my iTunes, which has everything from Blink 182 to One Direction to 5 Seconds of Summer to the Maine to the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack (which is all classical music) to Hunter Hayes. I love it all!

What make-up am I wearing?

I caved! Today I wanted to make a good first impression and look like I tried so I put on more make-up than usual. I didn’t look as weird as I did the first time I got bored and did my old routine, but it was still strange.

IMG_3998I love all of these products, though. The eyeshadow looks natural enough–smokey eye is just not happening ever. The black eyeliner doesn’t necessarily help the “natural-ness” of the look, but if you do it right, it’s a nice touch. I don’t think I looked bad at all. In fact, I looked good. I need to tell myself that more often: I look beautiful always.

What is a bad habit I need to kick?

Like I said last time, I need to stop staying up late. Even though my class today didn’t start until noon, that din’t mean I needed to stay up until two in the morning last night. Tonight, I will be better because my class tomorrow starts at nine. It’s Public Speaking, which I am not really looking forward to…It also doesn’t help that I am writing this kind of late, though. I need sleep!

What is one thing I am really happy about?

Well, today I got a really cute guy in my music class’ number! Go me! It was “just in case we miss class” or whatever, but it was a good excuse. He also likes Breaking Bad and psych, which is the biggest plus ever. It was definitely the pick-me-up I needed after what happened a few days ago.

Let me quickly go off on a tangent: Remember the guy who hung out in my room until three a few nights ago? Well, I went over to his room the other night and we kissed. I was really happy because we’ve been flirting for a while and I at least wanted to kiss him–kind of to prove to myself that someone could be into me again. Not that I wanted to get right into a relationship, I talked about that in an earlier post. But it was nice and then he walked me across campus back to my apartment, we kissed again, then he left. Nothing too big, right? I woke up the next morning to a text from him saying he didn’t want anything serious or relationship-y and stuff, so I replied saying I didn’t either so no worries. He didn’t answer after that, but we ended up snapchatting later like things were okay. And he went to downtown with Natalie and I tonight and helped carry some of our groceries. So I think things will be okay, but it was still weird because we never addressed it after that.

But whatever because I got a cute guy’s phone number and felt much better about myself.

So there it is, my Right Now. I am overjoyed. Especially because I did my own laundry last night and today I went grocery shopping. I feel like such a grown up! Here’s a picture of me today being happy.

IMG_3995So here’s to today and many more!

I love you guys and thanks for putting up with me. And I’m sorry I’m posting this so late. Y’all are seriously the most bomb-ass readers of all time.

❤ -A



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