On Top of the World

Holy Lord, Sweet Jesus, Great Scott! These past few days have been utterly crazy. But guess what? I joined a sorority!! And I am head-over-heels in love with it. You are now reading the blog of an Alpha Omicron Pi sister of the Beta Gamma pledge class. I know that might not make sense to any of you, but I am so so so happy. So, let me take you through this whole stressful process. Because that’s what it was: stressful.


On this day, we just simply had a meeting in the auditorium where we met out recruitment counselors (RCs) and our groups. Mine was Pink 7. Fitting for me, right? And Natalie ended up in my group, as well, which was pretty darn lucky, not that we really saw each other that much. Our counselor was Allie, and she is one of the most fun people I’ve ever met. No one was allowed to know which sorority any of the RCs were in. It was all a mystery.

This was also the night we got drawstring backpacks that said “Go Greek,” t-shirts that said “You Can Sit With Us,” and a booklet telling us the schedule, what to wear each night, and a bunch of facts about each sorority. It was pretty exciting. And crowded; there were over 900 girls signed up to rush this year, the biggest in Cal Poly history! Many of them dropped, but it still broke a record.

Thursday and Friday

These two days were dedicated to house tours; one day for the ones in walking distance, and one for the ones we needed to drive to. We spent about thirty minutes in each house and talking to one or two actives–but only one at a time. we got to take tours of the houses and back apartments, if any. Every house was beautiful, and each room was 100% Pintrest worthy. All I wanted was for the girls to come back and help me decorate my room in my apartment.

At the end of the second day, once we saw all the houses, we have to pick our bottom two (out of eight) and rank them. For some, that was difficult, but for me not too much. I knew one that i just didn’t belong in, but the other I wasn’t quite sure. It was a long two days, nonetheless.


On this day, we got called back to six houses, tops. I got called back to five, one of which I dropped, but it was totally okay. I ended up liking them a lot. Today, we were going to be at each house for forty minutes, and the theme was “sisterhood.” We got to see slideshows chalk fun of gorgeous pictures of the actives at their events. They all looked so perfect!

Each house we went to sang to us, and that was pretty fun. I had a couple of them stuck in my head for a while afterwards. They were pretty catchy, and there was a dance–or some sort of choreography–to go along to every one.

At the end of this night, we had to drop two houses, or in my case, one, so that we had a top four. This decision was almost more difficult than the day before. I kept the house I’d dropped on Friday and traded it for another.


This was Philanthropy Day. Like Saturday, each house showed us a slideshow or video about their philanthropy, but there was no singing this time. I got called back to the house I dropped, but I wasn’t too mad or anything. I went into this with such an open mind that I really had no idea what to expect. I had really great conversations with every girl I talked to.

But which one would be my house?

By the end of the night, I had a favorite. But I needed to have two. It was a difficult decision, but I narrowed it down. Turns out, my second was also in Alice and Natalie’s top two! Vanessa didn’t end up rushing because of her schedule. Picking a top two was very stressful for a lot of girls.


This was it: Preference Night. It was more fancy than the other days, which meant heels. I wasn’t complaining too much though, I was just praying my top two called me back. Lo and behold, I did!

IMG_4021Since this night was super special (an hour at each house) we had to go all out. There were flowers and tables and desserts! I had a rather delicious cupcake. There were also speeches by some of the actives; it was all quite touching. I loved every minute of it!

By the end of the night, we had to rank the houses. At the beginning of the night I knew, halfway through I wasn’t so sure, but by the end, I felt like I made the right decision making Alpha Omicron Pi my number one choice. The girl I talked to that night just made me feel so special, and she was the cutest thing ever. We took a mental selfie together.


And there we were: Bid Night. This was the evening where we received letters from a house inviting us to be in their sorority officially. It was pretty nerve-racking. I had been thinking about it all day, and seeing the field and everyone on it that night made it so real. My heart was pounding. All I wanted was a bid from AOII.

IMG_4028It felt like we were waiting forever for our letters. Finally, all of our RCs and the council member’s houses were revealed. My RC was from the same house as my WOW leader, which I thought was cool. I definitely hope to stay in touch with her because she was awesome.

Then the time came when we had to turn around in our circle. Allie, our RC, gave us each our bids and the council counted down. 3…2…1..OPEN! My heart flew when I saw that Alpha Omicron Pi had cordially invited me to be a part of their chapter. ME! I was so happy!! I couldn’t wait to be a part of my new sisterhood and everything that came with it. The five long days of recruitment were all worth it to see those words and to see that group of girls on the field waiting for me, arms wide open.

I got a t-shirt and a flower headband–which looked better on me than I thought it would.

IMG_4037This is my very first picture with my new sisters! Everyone was hugging and smiling. It all felt so welcoming! We took a bunch of group shots and then we were whisked away to our new house! Not that we would be living there this year or anything, but it’s still our house. Ours. I love that!

Now it was time for food (to-die-for-Mexican) and dessert (the best damn donuts) and dancing in our awesome backyard! Oh and pictures, there were so many pictures.

When I saw Kate, the girl I talked to at Pref Night, she was so happy to see me! She gave me huge hug and at was awesome. She sat next to me at a table and we finally got to take a real selfie together.

IMG_4039She is seriously the most adorable person in the world. Not just because she less than five feet tall. She wrote me this beautiful letter that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I teared up a little when I read it. I was so so so happy; I can’t even explain it.

After dinner and a new slideshow, it was time to party! The DJ played loud music and we danced together and took tons of pictures. I took a few snapchat videos, as well. Girls even got on the roof of the back apartments, which I totally would have done if I was more adventurous and less accident prone. Who knows? Maybe I will be soon!

Instead of that, though, I took this really cute picture of me with our letters, which started a trend! A bunch of girls posed like this after I left. Yay for me!

IMG_4056It was such a fun night that I will never forget. And now I have a filled social calendar. Bring it on? Hell yes.

So here I am, one of 93 girls in the Beta Gamma pledge class of 2014 of the Chi Psi chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi at Cal Poly (I know I kind of said that already but I’m so excited about it!). And I couldn’t be happier or more excited. I already love this group of girls. It brings me back to my days of all-girls show choir; I mean, there was even a choreographed musical number. But I love it and I love to refer to these girls as my sisters. And it’s only been two days.

IMG_4065So much Alpha Love from me to you. It doesn’t matter what you think about sorority girls, because I am still me. I always will be. But now I have a place where I don’t feel so awkward or out of place. I feel at home. For the first time, I feel like I belong somewhere. And I felt that when I came to Cal Poly, but now it’s more. It’s more than I could’ve ever imagined. I love this, I really do.

Now, I have a speech to get to! Eeeeeep!! I’m so nervous, but I actually have a bit of a newfound confidence. So let’s so this!

❤ A


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