Wishing I Was Knee Deep in the Water Somewhere

Hiya, everyone! Okay, it’s time for the QOTD, and this one’s a tough one for me! I’ve got a some thinking to do about it. Hmmmmmmmmmm……


Which song is the soundtrack to your life and why?

How on earth am I supposed to answer this?? I mean, I could wait until tomorrow and get a new question, but I love this one. It will definitely put my mind onto music and off of the chapter of my health book about depression and suicide.

I guess the one song that I always come back to, the one song that never fails to put me in a great mood is…*drum roll*

“Knee Deep” by Zac Brown Band feat. Jimmy Buffet

—–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n5G0qFBsHM <—–

This song just always makes me happy and it’s about summer. I absolutely adore summer–even though SoCal gets insanely, uncomfortably hot that time of year. I’ve always dreamed about getting away to an island and forgetting all my troubles in the real world, and that’s kind of what the song is about. Where the only worry in the world is if the tide is going to reach your chair. If you ask me, that is barely even a worry at all.

Every time I listen to the song, I get lost in my imagination of being away from it all. I used to dream of running away and starting over completely, and “Knee Deep” was the perfect description of how I felt.

There is never a time when I would say no to an island getaway. People will ask, “What is your dream vacation?” and a private remote island somewhere with a beach and clear water and sun will always be my answer. I would love to be free from everything and just let go of all my worries and thoughts. Just thinking about the song now is making me smile and daydream.

My favorite line is “When you lose yourself/You find the key to paradise” and I think that’s so true. People get so focused on what is happening now and what they need to get done, but if they just let go, they could see the true beauty in things. That’s paradise.

I don’t know, maybe I am just way too into music and rambling again. I have a tendency to do that, don’t I?

But coming in a close second to that is probably “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” by Jake Owen because it has a similar feel and subject. That song can put me in a great mood, too. I love it. Maybe there is just something about country that gets me because I relate to/adore everything about it. Or I’m just weird. Or maybe it’s a little bit of both?

Regardless, I totally wish I was knee deep in the water somewhere–even though I’m so happy this SLO heat wave is coming to an end (I hope!). And now I feel like looking at/adding to my “Places I Dream of Being” board on Pintrest…I’m not going to get any homework done, am I? Oh well! Just kidding, I totally care.

On another note, I’m not really hiding this blog anymore and that’s kind of a freeing feeling too. I’m not sure what is going to come of this, but I’m hoping something good. Hm, more wishing. But I am curious as to how this will change, if at all. I might have to be more careful about my topics………we’ll just have to see about that.

Anyway, peace and love ❤ Go take a nice vacation because now you’re thinking about it. I am, too! Maybe spring break in Cabo with my sorority sisters would be a really nice vacation. Better start saving! Gosh I really need a job. Can I get paid for this blog please? One can dream.

🙂 -A


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