Coat of Many Colors

Happy Sunday!

I should be studying for the midterm I have tomorrow afternoon, but instead I am writing this post for y’all. My parents are leaving this morning. It was fun having them here, but it didn’t take long for me to remember why I love being on my own so much. I missed them, but let’s just say I am glad this was a weekend rather than a week.


But as this weekend is coming to a close, I want to talk about my role on my floor and to my roommates. I am Mama Bear. This is because I am the designated sober person among my friends. This weekend was quite the eventful one in terms of going out, considering everyone’s families were in town. There were frat parties, house parties, and even little kickbacks on my floor. Friday night was a night for all three. I had my date party, and my roommates went out to parties and kickbacks.


I got back to my room at about 1:45 and found a roomie and a neighbor in my living room. Normal, right? They had just come back from a kickback down the hall. Another roomie was two doors down, and the other was throwing up in our bathroom. What happened while I was away? You see what goes on when I am not there to be Mama Bear?

Some say I would be the party-pooper and that I am no fun, but that’s not true. I am there to be sober and make sure no one does anything stupid or drinks too much, but I am also there to dance and have fun. Twice, when I have not been there, someone has ended up puking. But I do not get frustrated or angry, I make sure they are okay. That is what I do: make sure everyone is safe.

So Friday night, I sat with my roomie in the bathroom until some neighbors waltzed into my apartment. Things were about to get drunk and disorderly. They wanted to play music loudly and whatnot. My sober ears kept them in check. We almost had another vomiter in our midst, but he held it in, thank God. I don’t think I could deal with two. I hate throw up; however, I have been doing surprisingly well with it.

Finally, by 3 in the morning, all my roommates were back and I managed to get my neighbors safely back to their rooms. Then the real Mama Bear chores began.


The first step was putting my roommates to bed. They all had a little too much fun, so it was time for them to go to sleep. I didn’t need any of them being sick or too hungover the next day, as that would be the day we saw our parents the most. Sweet dreams, my lovelies, now the work begins.

IMG_4303There were so many dishes in the sink, I couldn’t go to bed with any of them sitting there, dirty. I just had to clean all of them and throw out any food or liquids still in the cups or on plates. A clean kitchen = a happy Ashley.

IMG_4304Since there had been puking happening in the bathroom, it had to be cleaned as well. The smell of Lysol can be sickening itself, but it is much better than the way it smelled before. I couldn’t leave the room smelling anything less than perfect. Cleaning also just makes me happy. I feel so much better afterwards.

IMG_4305Finally, Part 4: sleep! My apartment was clean, my roommates were sleeping peacefully, the people on my floor were home safe. Now I got to relax. At 4 am, my bed never looked to comfy; it never felt so comfy.

Now why do I do this? Why would I stay up later than I have to and take care of people who can’t do such things for themselves? It sounds awful, right? No, I love it. I love being Mama Bear. I mean, it’s not fun cleaning up after people and dealing with throw up–that part kind of sucks–but it’s knowing that everyone is safe that makes it better. I like knowing that the people I care about are safe and okay. It is worth the lack of sleep.

I have always been protective over my friends, and that’s why I volunteer to play this role. It makes me happy that my friends are alive and well (or maybe not so well, yet). The maternal side in me completely takes over, and I think it’s great. It makes me look forward to being a mother in the future.

It also makes me incredibly thankful for my mom. I know I complain about her, but she has taught me quite a bit. I wouldn’t know how to clean or take care of people without her. I get my maternal instincts from her, and I am grateful for that.

Now I should take a break from being Mom and actually be a college student and study for my midterm. Have a wonderful day!

Love, Mama Bear ❤


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