I Want it That Way

Happy Tuesday! I haven’t been liking the questions lately, but I have a pretty good answer for this one!


What fashion trend from the past would you like to see make a comeback?

This is actually something that I have been trying to bring back (kind of), and it is tying your sweatshirt around your waist. I started doing this again fairly recently actually and I love it. It is seriously one of the most convenient things ever.

And I am not talking about tying a flannel around your waist, either. Honestly, I used to think that was a kind of dumb trend unless you were a dancer–since it started as a thing dancers did, I don’t really know why–but now I partake in the trend, but only because I do the same with my sweatshirts. I don’t really do it as a fashion statement, it just ends up that way. But I’m not complaining that it looks good.

But I wish wearing a sweatshirt would come back “in style” because I do it all the time and some people judge me for it (not that it bothers me). I just want people to accept it without judgment because it’s not a big deal. A few weeks ago, when I was at an Angel game with my siblings and friend Noah, I went to get food with Haley. Two guys walking behind us made a comment about my sweatshirt being tied around my waist like it was weird. I do not think it’s weird to do at all. Why carry it around when you’re not wearing it? Just tie it around you and voila! I am trying to think of why that ever went out of style or why I stopped doing it in the first place. Well, probably because no one else was and I wanted to fit in. But clothes do not determine how well you fit in, and I just do not care anymore. I am all about sweatpants these days, anyway.

So that is the trend I would like to make a comeback–or that I am trying to bring back.

IMG_3775It’s cute, right? Like, you can’t even really tell. Plus, when you sit, it is like an extra cushion under your butt, which is really nice. And now I am just getting weird…

Anyway, have a wonderful day! And I’d love to know what other trends y’all think should make a comeback 🙂

Peace out, girl scout! -A


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