This is Halloween

Halloweekend 2014 at Cal Poly has come to a close, ending last night with the Poly vs. UCSB soccer game–the biggest college soccer rivalry. It was insane. Well, the whole weekend was, Thursday to Sunday. Mama Bear definitely got a run for her money. I am sick, I am tired, and I am ready to sleep all week–just kidding, I have a midterm today. Welcome to week 7. But first, here’s Bishop 209’s Halloweekend recap.


Costume of the night: Pretty Little Roomies (yes, that is real dirt on our skin)


Tonight was the kick-off to Halloweekend 2014. One of the fraternities had a haunted house philanthropy event. It was $3 and your sorority got points for each person that attended. The sorority with the most points got a percentage of the proceeds for their philanthropy. The haunted house was asylum themed and it. Was. Scary. I screamed the whole time. It was comparable to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, where I did not scream once. For a bunch of college boys, they did a wonderful job putting it together and they made quite a bit of money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

After that, we all ended up back at our apartment. Some people came over for a little bit, but then they all went down the hall to another room. For the most part it was a pretty chill night. Pumpkin pie was included in the night’s festivities, and it was quite delicious.

The only downside to the evening was that I twisted my ankle when I tried to jump off the back of the couch (long story short: it was in the way while we took pictures and my ligaments in my right ankle suck) and had to wear an ankle brace to the haunted house. I iced it when I got back, and it helped. It hurt when I woke up the next morning, but by now, I think it is fine. It wasn’t swollen or anything, which was good.


Happy actual Halloween! Costume of the night: beach babe (my other roomies were Playboy bunnies)


It rained! I was so happy, except for the fact that my brand new umbrella was stolen. I took it out of the box, then my neighbor stole it (he allegedly put it back) but somehow it ended up in another neighbor’s room, who then lost it. So my cute, brand new umbrella is gone, and I am really, really sad. The worst part was that I had to walk around in the cold rain, causing my hair to not be curly anymore. I mostly just did it for the picture, though.

Natalie and I walked to the red bricks, which is another residence hall. We met a couple of really cool people. But they were boys and couldn’t go to the frat party we were about to walk to. Luckily, it was not raining by this point, it was just cold. We only stayed at the party for about a half hour because “cops kept showing up” and so the music kept stopping. Being the sober person in a room full of sweaty, drunk people wasn’t the most fun thing in the world. On the way back, we ran into a guy in Natalie’s Econ class and his friends, who live in the red bricks, so we hung out with them for a little while. They were fun to talk to.

When I got home, I watched a few episodes of Lost and ate about half a pint of Half Baked Ben & Jerry’s Froyo (my favorite flavor). That’s my version of turning up.


Costume of the night: Minnie Mouse


Today was the day that I got a visitor. Noah drove all the way up from APU to visit Natalie and me (and some of his friends that went to our rival high school). I was so happy! He is one of the only people from high school that I still keep in touch with, so it was fun to have him here. He kind of thinks he’s my big brother even though he is younger than me, but that’s okay.


We did homework during the day; I studied for my midterm because I need to do well on it. I just need good grades, not that i have bad ones. But it was good that I actually got stuff done because it was a very hectic weekend. We also went to dinner with his friends from our rival high school. I knew one of them because of choir, but it was nice to hang out with them.

There was another haunted house tonight in our Community Center, so we went to that. It was pretty scary. I give props to our Community Council for putting it on; they did a good job.

I only put on my costume for the haunted house, then I went back home, changed into sweatpants, and watched psych: the Musical and other episodes with Noah. I ate a brownie and lots of Tostitos scoops. I finally went to bed and slept more or less soundly through the night.


Today was a hectic day. I studied for midterms, went to In-n-Out (the closest is about 15 miles away), and went to the soccer game. I sat with the glorious people on my floor ❤


It was a very intense game; we were standing the entire time! For some reason, throwing tortillas was something everyone did at this game, so that is what we all did at the end of the game. Quite a few people throughout the 90 minutes were able to make theirs onto the field. I really wanted a UCSB player to trip over one at some point, but it didn’t happen. Insert sad face.

Even though we lost–ARGGGGHHH–it was still a fun experience. I am really happy I went to the game, partly because, as I said earlier, it is the biggest college soccer rivalry. I will definitely be in attendance next year…and the next…and the next.

After the game (which Noah left in the middle of because he had a three and a half hour drive ahead of him), I went to the library because studying for midterms just couldn’t be done in my apartment. There is also something wonderful about the library. Maybe I think that because I am an English major.

And now I must go take my midterm for “Popular Music of the USA.” Wish me luck! Have a beautiful Monday 🙂



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