House of the Rising Sun

Good evening! I know it’s fairly late, but I have had a busy day! My mom and aunt came into town and took me to a late lunch/early dinner. But this morning, I did something absolutely, positively, outstandingly fantastic. I hiked up to Bishop’s Peak for the sunrise with my roommates and two guys on my floor.

IMG_4480Dear God, it was beautiful. I still cannot believe I hiked up there in the dark to watch the sun rise over the mountains. It was insane!

IMG_4488It was insanely windy up there, so a lot of my pictures are blurry, but that is me enjoying the breathtaking view and trying to be artsy. But that is Cal Poly at the base of the mountain! We could see Bishop (our building) from Bishop (the mountain). Funny, huh?

10801473_10205107728281981_8272194423517172772_nThis is my family. We are weird and dysfunctional and missing a few people, but this is us. I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

IMG_4495I have never really watched the sun rise, just caught it coming up over the horizon, so this was a wonderful experience. Like, this view is one-of-a-kind.

IMG_4496I took this on the hike down from the peak. I thought it was utterly perfect and I still cannot believe I live in a place as beautiful as this. It was 6,000% worth getting one hour of sleep.

I would not trade this experience for anything. I love SLO. I love Cal Poly. I am just so in love ❤

Have an amazing rest of your evening!



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