Penny Lane

Today is a very special day because it is my darling Gracie’s nineteenth birthday!

IMG_3451I called her at 12:15 this morning to wish her a happy birthday. We talked for about a half hour just catching up on things. Hearing her voice makes my days better. I miss my Old Enough Trio dearly ❤

IMG_3585I will most likely get to see her over Thanksgiving break, which is less than a week away! Hopefully I can see Edie as well. Actually, I will force myself upon her so she has to see me 😉

Here are 19 things I love about Gracie:

  1. Her laugh is wonderful.
  2. She also snorts when she laughs. It is great.
  3. “Well we are old enough.” –enough said.
  4. She lights up a room with her smile.
  5. Her personality is fantastic.
  6. She is a beaut ❤
  7. She has awesome taste in movies.
  8. Her style is flawless, even when her outfit consists of sweatpants.
  9. Her snapchats make me cry from laughter. I have an amazing screenshot from a few weeks ago, and it it just beautiful.
  10. She can always make me feel better when I am sad.
  11. She showed me the “DILFs of Disneyland” Instagram account.
  12. She can make fun of me in a non-offensive way.
  13. Her ideas for Vines are just grand.
  14. We talk about theater-y things together.
  15. “Potential Break Up Song” –also enough said.
  16. Her ideas for future American Horror Story seasons are on point.
  17. She is as down as I am to go to Borderline to country line dancing.
  18. She gives great advice
  19. She is just a fan-freaking-tastic person all around.

IMG_3513I love you, Penny ❤

Love, Ashley


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