I’m Alive

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in America, the day we celebrate everything we are thankful for in our lives over a meal that I love and hate myself for (but not the bad kind of hate, if that makes sense). With everything happening regarding the Mike Brown/Darren Wilson decision in Ferguson, Missouri, among various other issues, many people have expressed great disappointment in our country. People say things about how we are just repeating the past and discriminatory things about slavery and inequality, and I have seen this quote specifically from To Kill a Mockingbird several times:

“Atticus-” said Jem bleakly.

He turned in the doorway. “What, son?”

“How could they do it, how could they?”

“I don’t know, but they did it. They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it—seems that only children weep. Good night.” (22.14-17)

It is all over my school’s “Yik Yak” feed, my Tumblr dashboard, and so on.

Now, I am not saying this issue is not important, by any means. I think there is a lot that the public does not know, but that there is a lot not being shared with us. I have not paid enough attention to have a solid argument for any one side. I mostly just know what I have seen on the news and then everyone yelling at each other on social networks.

And many people these days say to not celebrate Thanksgiving because the Europeans took over the Native Americans’ land and gave them diseases and killed them and what not.

While these things may be true, that is not what I think Thanksgiving is about. It is about giving thanks for everything that you have. The colonists did not necessarily mean to harm the Native Americans or anything; all they wanted was a new land, and who knew there would already be people living there? The event of “thanksgiving” was about everyone being thankful for what they had accomplished and getting past everything that they lost.

I mean, it is in the name. Thanksgiving. It means to give thanks.

So that’s what I want to do, give thanks for everything wonderful in my life. After all the hardships I have endured mentally and what I put myself through physically, I have truly come to appreciate the good things in my life.

My Family

IMG_2915In truth, yes, I hate them sometimes. But it is the good kind of hate. I would do anything for them. If anyone trash talks them, you know I will be right there, ready to defend them and punch someone. And even though I get the short end of the stick always, I am working through that. This whole “life isn’t fair” thing has always been hard, and I’m getting past it. I know my family loves me, and I love them just as much.

My Roomies

IMG_4497There is nothing I wouldn’t so for these girls. Seriously, the late night and early morning texts and phone calls will prove that. I owe them so much of my happiness. I am unbelievably grateful for everything they have done for me. I love spending every day with them and laughing all hours of the night and having random dance parties in our apartment. They are my best friends. The roommate separation anxiety is very real right now.

My Neighbors

IMG_4381Disclaimer: not everyone is pictured here! These people truly are a second family to me. We are all there for each other. Our texts and group chats are evidence that we are all inseparable. What would I do if I didn’t have Kyle to crack my back for me? Or Adam to help me with my KINE 250 homework or Melanie for being the other Mama or Michael for being my best friend. I am crazy about these people.

My Sorority Sisters

FullSizeRenderThis isn’t anywhere near to all of them, but that’s okay. Even though I do not know all the girls because there are just so many of them, I love all of them. Every girl I have met through this has been absolutely wonderful to me. I have made really amazing friends that I adore. They are like another family. And I have my own family within them!

IMG_4452We are the Glitter on Glitter family ❤ I seriously love them to death. I feel so welcomed and loved it is unreal.

My School

IMG_3957I go to the best school a girl could ever ask for. I adore this place. It really is my home now, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I have never loved a place so much (other than Bass Lake, of course, but that is a different story). I love everything about Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo. There is so much to do here and there are so many absolutely wonderful people. I would not trade my experiences so far for anything and I cannot wait to see what is in store for me over the next four years. Committing to Cal Poly was hands-down the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I am so unbelievably grateful for everything I have experienced this year. I would not have had it any other way. I am thankful for everything I have and everything I have been given in this life. I truly believe that life is a gift and I have to live it. I can no longer just sit back and watch others be happy because I thought I could never feel that again. Well, here we are now, and I am loving life. I never thought I would say that.

I love it so much, here is more picture overload:


My wonderful WOW group after our inner-tube water polo game!


Bid Night with three of my favorite people!


Three out of four ladies of Bishop 209 🙂

The same three out of four roomies…..seriously where is Vanessa?


The second fam ❤


Funny saved snapchats with my other Stephanie.


The night I met my new family ❤


My twin and me! AKA Ashley and Mad-Dog 🙂

IMG_4537Julia, the definition of sunshine! 🙂

IMG_4502Justin, the second friend I ever made at Cal Poly (the first was Natalie).

I guess you could say I have a lot to be thankful for! So even if you are not from America and therefore, do not celebrate Thanksgiving on this fine fourth Thursday of November, do not forget to be thankful for everything that you have in your life. Even if you feel like everything sucks, it does not. There is always a light in your life, I promise. And if you can’t find it, don’t give up. It gets better. I hope all of you have so much to be thankful for.

Now I must go spend time with all the lovely people back home I am thankful for. Gracie, Edie, Ally, and Stephanie, specifically. Gosh, I missed them so much! ❤

I told my mom I was coming home tonight, when I was really plotting behind her (and everyone but my brother’s) back. Surprise! I returned on Tuesday! Now I get one more day of love.

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone. And to those of you not celebrating, I still hope you have a marvelous day, as always.

So much love and thankfulness, A

PS. Shout out to Aaron Tveit for singing “I’m Alive” from and being perfect in Next to Normal. I am thankful for you and your angelic voice 😉 That is all!


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