Remember December

The days have been hard. The hours have been long. I worry about myself quite a bit.

My back has been killing me, and that is only a little bit of an understatement. Back when I started school, before I got into the shower one night, I noticed a bump between my back dimples I have never seen before. It did not hurt whatsoever, so I did not think very much of it. I figured I hurt it at some point or something. Regardless, I kept an eye on it, just in case, because my mind likes to jump to wild conclusions–I guess that is the creative writer in me.

Well, about a week ago, my back began to hurt; I felt sore, but nothing I had done would have made me feel that way. Upon further thought, I realized the pain was in the exact place of the bump on my tailbone. Without warning, my mind jumped. However, since I have grown up a lot since starting college, I called back my imagination. When I came home Tuesday, my mother noticed my hacking cough (I mean, it was hard not to…). So she scheduled a doctor’s appointment for me on Friday. I decided to ask about my back, since it was still hurting, the pain increasing ever so slightly.

Lo and behold, just like any time you visit a doctor, the pain stopped (for the most part). I didn’t even notice it. Cool, I guess it was nothing. Now I am on antibiotics for either the beginnings of a sinus infection or a viral infection (in which, the pills will do absolutely nothing for).

And guess what happened Saturday morning. I woke up with more back pain. What was going on?? Sunday, it came with a vengeance; it hurt to walk, bend over, sit in certain positions, cough, even laugh. The health center was calling my name. Too bad the first available appointment that did not interfere with my finals is next Thursday.

I woke up today with the pain still there, but it was slightly subdued. At least, it is right now in the sitting position I am in. I have decided that if it still hurts like this by the end of the week, I am going to urgent care. Vanessa offered to drive me.

I will let you know how it goes.

I am praying for good things and keeping a positive look on this. Being negative has never gotten me anywhere, after all.

And since it is “Dead Week” here at Cal Poly, I will be spending much of my time in the library, doing homework, preparing for my (fourth and final) speech tomorrow morning, studying for finals, and trying my very best not to procrastinate (however, I still have about forty-five minutes left of Catching Fire).

I hope y’all have the most wonderful Monday! Be safe and make good choices 🙂



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