Baby got Back [Pain]

As promised, I have an update about my back! I went to Urgent Care last night and met with a lovely doctor. So here’s what happened:

I got there and had to fill out several forms about myself and my health history. It was very thorough. Luckily, I was able to answer ‘no’ to all but a few of the questions regarding things like broken bones, heart disease, and other problems as such.


I wondered why this was necessary information. Not that y’all need to know this either, but my answer was yes because I am happy with my lack thereof, and I think that counts.

Finally, I was called in to see the doctor.

She asked me some questions and I told her about the bump on my back. She examined it and was just as confused as I was. Then I had to pee in a cup–only I couldn’t pee. I drank half a water bottle and nine cups of water. Finally, my body was ready. No, not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter!

And then I had to pee four times within the hour I got home, not even kidding. I know that you do not need to know that information, but I am telling you anyway.

So after some tests were done, the doctor told me she didn’t see anything too unusual. Then she said we could do an x-ray to check the lump now or I could come back. Might as well get it over with, so I did it right then and there.

IMG_0612I made sure to keep my snapchat followers in the loop on what was happening. (Not really, though; at least, not as much as I have been telling you guys. Don’t feel weird, my roommates know more).

So I got an x-ray and waited for my results. The doctor came back saying she didn’t see anything abnormal about it. However, someone would take another look at it later just to make sure she did not miss anything.

I was very relieved to hear that, for the most part, nothing was wrong. The bump is probably just inflamed tissue, which isn’t so bad.

I still do not understand why it hurts so much, or why the bump has been there for so long and why it didn’t start hurting until now. It does not make sense to me, but medical things never do. This is why I am an English major, not biology.

Anyway, I just wanted to let y’all know what was going on! So far, so good. Except that it is dead week and I am being way too unproductive. I have finals next week, why am I watching Netflix instead of studying? The world may never know.

Have a wonderful Thursday! I know I will because I have my last COMS class today. Peace out, public speaking. Not that I actually didn’t enjoy that class sometimes…Guess who is less terrified of it now. This girl! 🙂

Gotta blast! -A


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