Then He Kissed Me

I follow this blog on Tumblr called WriteWorld, and it is one of my favorites. They frequently post a picture or a phrase or a sentence and encourage their followers to write a story or poem using their prompt. I favorite so many of them, but never have the time to write any. However, I decided to do such today because I want to let my creative juices flow. I feel like everything has been locked inside my mind, and my imagination has run away with me quite often these last few days.

So based off of this post, here goes nothing!

She ran her fingers across her lips.

She closed the door to her apartment, leaving him on the other side. She had had goodnight kisses before, but not like this. Not like him. He stood out in the cold winter air for a minute, smiling to himself at what he’d done. They both secretly wished she would open the door so they could kiss again, but she was too nervous and he had a dog to feed. She continued leaning against the door until his car engine faded away. The warmth of his lips lingered on hers.

She tiptoed past her roommate’s bedroom, heels in one hand and purse in the other. Her door wasn’t closed for two seconds before her three roommates burst in.

“Did you really think you were going to get away with not filling us in on every detail of tonight?” Alice said with her signature sass.

Natalie continued, “Spill it, Ashley.”

Ashley blushed. “He’s kind of perfect.”

Vanessa cut in. “Shocker! I mean, come on, you’ve been seeing this guy for, like, ever. Tell us something we don’t know!”

Per her roommates requests, she started at the beginning of the night, when he first picked her up.

Meanwhile, he was back at his place, crawling into bed in his boxers. His roommates didn’t care so much for information on how the evening went. It was late, and he wasn’t even sure if they were all home. One had a girlfriend of his own and the others spent most of their nights out of the apartment anyway. He could tell them in the morning if they asked.

He sunk into his sheets, wishing he could kiss her again. She wasn’t like other girls he dated. The other ones were just girls. Ashley…she was one he could picture spending the rest of his life with, one he could bring home to meet his family. He liked that she made weird faces in her snapchats to him, that she texted him about random things that reminded her of him, that she watched horror movies with him just so she could snuggle, that she made him listen to new music almost weekly. She was more than he thought he wanted, but now that he had her, he didn’t want anyone else to.

Tonight, he let her in, something he never did. But she did the same. She had such a hard time letting people get close to her, and she was reluctant to trust anyone. She was afraid to get attached to him, but he finally won her over.

For once, he didn’t want to go to parties every weekend or drunkenly dance with other girls. She wasn’t one to go out, either. The more time he spent with her, the more he found himself liking staying in and watching movies with her or making donut runs in the middle of the night.

She worried she was holding him back, though. She had gotten sick a few months after they started dating and was going through treatments all the time. She was losing weight every day, and the donut runs were more for him than her. She couldn’t walk everywhere, and there was a wheelchair she continually refused to submit to. He sometimes had to carry her up the stairs to his apartment or hers. What if he couldn’t do it anymore? What if he was tired of taking her to doctor’s appointments or helping her with her meds.

She had her fears, but he proved her wrong that night with three words.

“He said ‘I love you,'” she finally whispered.

Her roommates screamed so loud she was sure he could hear it at his apartment. She shushed them quickly. They all gushed about the evening some more before helping her with her medications and going to bed.

She smiled to herself before falling asleep and in her mind, plucked the last petal off of a flower. “He loves me.”

Yes, the characters are my roommates and I; I didn’t want to make new names and become attached. I do that, become attached. I also just love to write stories. I have been working on my book quite a bit recently. I fall in love with my characters too easily, so I figured it would be better to go with the names of people I already love. The guy shall remain nameless, mostly because not giving him a name keeps him a mystery. This guy does not exist in my life. This is a work of fiction, despite how great it would be to have a guy as wonderful as that.

Also: in case you were wondering, I am not sick. I think. I am convinced I might be coming down with the flu or something. Or something where the symptoms are migraines and muscles that ache for no reason. No fever, though. Advil is my best friend.

I am going to go write some more of my book and get my hair cut and finish the second season of Are You the One. Thanks, MTV, for making a show that isn’t that good but is very addicting.

Check out my Instagram or Tumblr later for a selfie of my new hair (even though it won’t be that different).



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