Another Year Has Gone By

As the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 approaches, I have been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting on the person I have been over the last twelve months. I know I did the same sort of thing on my birthday, but, to be honest, I am a whole different person than I was then, even though it was only four months ago. College has really changed me–in a good way.

One year ago I was in high school, in a relationship, had quite a few friends (and enemies), and I was vowing to become a healthier individual. Now, I am in college, am single, have a lot of friends that actually care about me, and well, I’ll get back to you on the “being healthier” thing.

It has been a long, stressful journey. 2014 has been a year for the books because it marks the biggest transformation in my life. There has been more drama, personal issues, old and new friendships, and emotions packed into this one year than all my years before it. Despite all the time I spent hating this year, the three months I spent falling in love with it kind of made up for that. High school, in short, was pretty terrible. I mean, there were good times, sure–great times, even–but I was never happy. One thing after another seemed to fall apart. A friendship, a relationship, my thought that, even though I had some awful times in this town, I was still going to make the best of it. Up until recently, I planned on living in Burbank when I was older. It was home. Now, I realize that true happiness exists outside of its limits, and I want to experience it all.

Despite half of this year being kind of sucky, it did have some great moments.

IMG_2126Like the day I decided Cal Poly was the school for me. The tour I took this day changed my life. I, in no way, wanted to come to Cal Poly. Honestly, I am not quite sure why–I blame it on me being very cranky when we came to visit for Chelsea over Thanksgiving break when I was in eighth grade. I was mad because I was going to have Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant, rather than at home.

Then I went and toured the school (almost against my will). But that was the day I kind of fell in love.

IMG_3197Or this day, the day I met the Property Brothers aka two 6 ft 5 in, extremely attractive Canadian twins, one a realtor, the other a contractor. I think I may have been more starstruck than when I saw One Direction on Ellen. But that might have just been because I had to keep my cool or else I wouldn’t have been able to see them as much as I did. Regardless, this day was wonderful.

IMG_3649Or my nineteenth birthday, the day I vowed to make my next year of life different. I promised to look forward to every experience, not think of everything bad that happens and pray for better days. I get to make my own better days. My nineteenth year–and every other year after–will be full of me making the best of my life and not looking back. I am taking my past experiences and learning from them.

That day, I became an optimist, despite Voltaire’s satire Candide.

IMG_3908And here we are: my first day at Cal Poly. The day I met my best friends. My, my how we have grown in even just the last three months. It’s crazy, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Sure, bad days exist (as you may have read in past posts) but I am learning from them, and that is what is important. This first day at my school changed everything for me. I owe so much of my happiness to the beautiful campus, great town, and wonderful people I have met since September.

I suppose my new attitude can take some of the credit, as well. I could have shut many people out, not taken chances, and kept to myself like I have so many times before. Hey, I am still learning that I am not the enemy anymore. It’s a process.

IMG_4065Do I even need to talk about this day? The day I met countless wonderful girls I get to call my sisters? Some of my greatest friends are in this picture. I am so happy I have these beautiful people in my life. Despite the negative connotations and stereotypes that do come with being in a sorority, my new outlook on life is helping me ignore that because there are 90 amazing, intelligent, gorgeous girls in this photo.

I love being an AOII ❤

10801473_10205107728281981_8272194423517172772_nThe sunrise hike to Bishop’s peak aka hands down, the coolest thing I have ever done. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. But you can read a little bit more about that here.

If you are ever in San Luis Obispo, I highly recommend hiking the mountain! Not necessarily at sunrise, but it is a great experience, nonetheless.

10873514_892933680725264_3770133295856899422_oAnd Disneyland with five of my favorite individuals on the planet. Like the Bishop’s trip, you can read about this day here. Adam, Kyle, Vanessa, Alice, and Natalie have a lot to do with why I love my school so very much. I probably wouldn’t be having as much fun if it wasn’t for them.

SO those are some of my favorite moments from the past year. See? Not all of them are from Cal Poly. This past year has been quite the interesting one. Even though Bad Thoughts took over my mind quite a bit early on, I am quickly progressing and recovering. I have said it many times before, and I will say it again, there is life beyond depression, and it is beautiful.

I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings. For once, I am not just hoping that good things will happen in the new year, I know they will. I am positive that the next twelve months will be full of fantastic moments and memories. I am truly grateful for the life I have been blessed with, and I can’t wait to live it.

So here is to the new year, and all that comes with it! 🙂

Stay tuned for Natalie, Ashley, and Vanessa Take New Year’s Eve! We are heading to Borderline, the country line dancing club nearby. Is my first New Year’s kiss in the near future? Maybe! You will be in the know, I promise. Even if you don’t want to be. I see my readers as friends, and friends get to know these things.

Anyone have exciting (or not exciting) plans for New Year’s Eve? I’d love to hear about them 🙂

Also: does anyone have their resolutions planned/thought out? I’m still thinking of a good one. So far, I am giving up fast food, but I can eat In-n-Out on the weekends. I cannot live without the gloriousness of California’s pride and joy.



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