New Year’s Day

Oh my gosh! It is 2015! We made it, everyone.

I know I am writing this fairly late in the day, but I didn’t wake up until three hours ago. I have been going through things and packing. I can’t wait to go back to school. The reasons why are for another post for another day.

Last night, I went to Borderline Bar and Grill with Chelsea, Edie, and Natalie. Sadly, Vanessa was unable to join us due to illness. I cannot wait to see her and Alice this weekend! 🙂 Anyway, Borderline is a country line dancing club and restaurant. At first, it was mostly older people (and by that I mean 50+ year-old couples), but after about nine o’clock, it turned into young twenty-somethings owning the dance floor.

Going in, none of us knew line dances other than the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide (and for s few of us, the Electric Slide). A nice older fellow named Clark, who teaches dances earlier in the evening, taught us a few of the dances. He was very nice, and even though we did not get to go out on the floor all that much, we had a great time. I definitely am going to learn the dances and go to the Grad on Thursdays in SLO to show off my new line dancing moves. I even saw a girl that lives in my building at the club! Small world, huh?

10614249_878425365534993_4036478488458982992_nSo I have given some thought to my list of New Year’s Resolutions. It is not extensive or anything, but it’s all things I want to work on or be better about.

Ashley’s 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. No more fast food! Only on weekends, and I’m only allowing places In-n-Out and Panda Express. I am not a big fan of fast food places anyway, so I do not think it will be a problem for me.
  2. I have to finish my book before April seventeenth. That was the day way back in 2012 that I started writing it. I know, I know, it has been too long, but I had school and stuff to deal with. I mean, I still have school, but it is a little bit different now. I only have class on Tuesday and Thursdays, so that will give me more time. I am almost finished with it as it is, though, so I think I can do it!
  3. Go to the gym more often. This is an important one. I keep saying it, but I do not follow through. I want exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle. And I suppose I do not just need to go to the gym, but I can go on runs or walks or hikes. I just have basically unlimited access to an awesome Rec Center and I want to take better advantage of it.
  4. Experience more. I have done a lot in my short time so far at Cal Poly, but there os so much more I could do. I have only been to the Farmer’s Market twice, and it takes place every single week, rain or shine. And I feel like I opt out of a lot of things because I am too lazy or I can “do it another time.” I might not get another chance to do some things, so I have to do them while I can.
  5. Read more. I love reading, but I feel like I don’t do enough of it. I used to be able to read through books like it was nothing. Now I am busier and whatnot. I have a lot of books that I have bought and have yet to read. I want to get through all of them and many more.
  6. Run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Or just any half marathon, really. Quite a few of my friends did is that past year, and I want to do it, too! It is definitely a big commitment, but I think I am ready. I may not be the best runner, but I am working on it and I plan to keep working on it. I am determined!

Like I said, it’s not much, but it’s a start. I want this year to be different from all the ones before it. I feel like I haven’t really been living the last however many years–I’ve just been going through the motions. I do not want to do that anymore. I do not want to spend my time wishing I was doing something else because that is a waste. I want to live more and talk about living less.

2015, bring it on.



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