I Don’t Dance

Hi, everybody!

So I am sitting in the Baker building at school (it’s very new, the tallest building in San Luis Obispo, and is the home for math and science), and I am just waiting for my next class to start. YAWN. To be honest, actually, I am kind of interested in this class. It is GEOL 203: Fossils and the History of Life. Now, I am not one for science, but this is mostly ecology type things, and I do live me some ecology. It was the only part of biology I was semi good at. Yes, it is a little boring, but I am quite fascinated by it all. I am that way about a lot of things, like chemistry, history, psychology, and so on. I just love education.

I just came from my english class, and I have to say I am both very excited and very nervous for it! We spent the entire first day watching Sherlock. It was pretty sick, especially since the show has been sitting in my queue for forever. Our textbook is also called How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes and the content is exactly what is sounds like. I am already trying to be very observant of my surroundings. I cannot wait to people-watch and test my hopefully heightened observation skills. I have always obsessed over Sherlock Holmes, so this ought to be fun, right? That is what I think now, but the essays might get me. I love creative writing, but essays are just so structured and it is tough for me.

I am also in a theatre class, which is kind of cool. My teacher is pretty funny, but we have been focusing on seemingly irrelevant things. I am trying to make connections. As kind of a theatre nut, I am hoping it gets more exciting (and modern! Greeks are fun, but I am all about Wicked and Book of Mormon type things).

But enough about school, let’s talk about the very important thing happening every Monday for the next few weeks: The Bachelor. This is serious business. It is the first time that I will be dedicated to a whole season–I usually just pop in and out. Kyle, Alice, and I have created a league for our floor. It is only just us right now, but we are hoping for more players. This is for our brackets for the girls. We are going from week to week. There has only been one episode, how can I figure out the end if I barely know the contestants?

Honestly, I could never be on the show, and I think it is pretty unrealistic. Only a few of the numerous couples created are still together. I do not like those odds. However, there is lots of drama, and I do love that. There is a girl named Ashley and she is kind of crazy already. She will make it kind of far, just because she is entertaining. I wish I could be hired to be the crazy girl because I could do that so well, and it would be a lot of fun. Alas, the show does not work that way, and the scandal that would come out a girl being hired to be on the show would be disastrous.

Nevertheless, I am very excited to watch the show, take notes, and have a (hopefully) successful bracket from week to week! It will be a fun bonding thing for the people participating. Have I mentioned how much I adore my friends? Yes? Well, I will say it again: I LOVE MY FRIENDS.

I am also hoping to get a bunch of my sorority sisters in on the action! That would definitely be a lot of fun for all of us to do. Do I smell a sisterhood event? Maybe!

The Bachelor is just one of those shows that is nice in theory, near toxic in reality, and a whole lot of fun to watch. I have a weakness for over-dramatic reality TV shows, and I have no intention of getting rid of it. Some weaknesses–like chocolate, breakfast burritos, Victoria’s Secret bras, and fun tube socks–are just worth it.

I just wanted to share my anticipation for some of the things happening this quarter. I am also in a great mood today. I am not quite sure why, but I like it! I hope you all are having great days as well because bad days just suck. In the event that you are having a bad day, I would like you to go outside (if it is a nice day; if not, disregard this command), eat a cookie (or something sweet), and think about something good that has happened to you in the last couple of days (or from whenever). Also: go watch funny videos on youtube. That always makes me happy. This one is probably my all time favorite–I have been obsessing since middle school. It just makes me laugh so much!

Enjoy life!


PS I know the title seems oh-so-irrelevant, but it is Chris Soules’ (the Bachelor) favorite song. And no, it is not the High School Musical One, it is the one by Lee Brice. I suggest you give it a listen!


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