With a Little Help from my Friends

I am a firm believer in having a strong bond of friendship. I think that to be very close to someone, you need to know them and accept them at all times–that is not saying you have to agree with everything they do, but understanding is key. I also think that once you go through something like, oh I don’t know, taking your way-too-drunk friend to the hospital at four in the morning, then you are kind of bonded for life. I am not confirming that that actually happened, but let’s just say Saturday night (or rather Sunday morning) was quite eventful.

I have grown close–maybe too close–with several people at Cal Poly so far. I have always dreamed of having friendships like this, and I never believed I would see the day when I would actually have them. I have been through quite a bit with these wonderful people, and I am sure we will be friends for the rest of my life. They have seen me through upsets and rants and smiles and frustrations and laughs, and not very many people have stuck with me through those things. I have never felt more comfortable than with my friends; we are probably unhealthily close. And to think I have only know these people since September.

The event that occurred Saturday night was one I will never forget–and not just because I ended up at the hospital and am now sleeping in Natalie’s room for the next few days. [Sidebar: 1) Long story, do not ask, make something up, use your imagination and 2) Natalie is actually an angel sent from Heaven and she is more than a life saver.] But it was not just what happened that affected me, it is what I learned from this experience. I saw a new low in my friend, a side I was not sure I would ever see, and that was a huge step in our friendship. I have seen him at great highs (probably not the highest, since I only met him in July), and I liked seeing that happy side of him. It was not until I saw a more emotional side of him that I realized how much he means to me.

He apologized countless times (and still counting) and has promised to make it up to me, but I am trying to assure him that it is okay and he can stop apologizing. His roommate is out of town, so if he had not come to my apartment he would have suffered alone in his dorm. Honestly, I do not even want to think about the outcomes of that scenario. He was with people who care about him, and that is what got him through the night.

Seeing him at that low point in his life has made me realize how much I appreciate my friends. In his disoriented state, he said a lot of things. Some made zero sense, some made me laugh really hard, and some helped me see him on a deeper level. He is such a good person, and I think more highly of him now–which is interesting because of how we got to that point. He also did not remember anything except being in the hospital, so I guess he has no idea what he, Natalie, and I talked about, but that is okay. I understand him better, and that is the point.

No, I do not ever want to see him in that state again because it was not fun for him, Natalie, myself, or his mother (whom he called and whom messaged me on Facebook that night thanking me), but seeing him in that way helped me look at our friendship in a different light.

There is that very cheesy quote that goes along the lines of “if you can’t take people at their worst, then you don’t deserve them at their best” and I truly believe that statement. Seeing someone only at their best (or just good points of their lives) does not make for a strong bond. It is too easy to just walk away when someone becomes “less than perfect” in your eyes. The key is to not walk away, but to learn from it.

That is what I am trying to get at, I guess. I appreciate my friends so much. And I love them, let’s not forget that. Every single person I am connecting with is making some sort of impact on my life, and I am so grateful for them. I cannot say that enough.

Moral of the story: love your friends, do not take them for granted, help them when they need it, even not-so-great experiences have good things in them.

Go hug someone you love today!



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