Hiya, folks! I was scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard (per the usual) and I came across another WriteWorld prompt I wanted to write for. After homework and studying and whatnot (I mean, do I really do any of that?), I wanted to let my creative juices flow.

If you want to check out my last response, take a gander over here. This time, the prompt came from a picture, rather than a sentence. Enjoy!

tumblr_nic0pjyhpM1rnl2v3o1_500The drought was the very worst.

They had barely spoken in weeks. She was nervous around him, but not in the butterflies-when-she-saw-him type of way. He was just plain awkward. Both of them thought the other was no longer in love. This was barely a relationship anymore; it was just two people afraid to say what was really on their minds.

He stepped up first. “We need to talk.”

It was a long, stressful argument. Back and forth about who still cared and how much. Finally, she said what they were both thinking.

“It is better for both of us to just end this.”

And that was that. It was over. She just had to get through the next two months before leaving her life behind and starting over in college. He was left to job hunting and grad school applications. They went their separate ways.

You’re still all over me, like a wine stained dress I can’t wear anymore.

He was everywhere, though. His smell was on her clothes, his laugh was in her ears, his smile was etched into her memory. Forgetting him was near impossible.

In rained hard the next morning, which was strange for summer. Droplets sprinkled on her during her early run, and by the time she had turned around to head home, she was in the middle of a downpour. She stopped for cover at the park she used to play in as a child.

A gazebo stood in the middle of a rose garden, where she had dreamt of kissing her true love. She thought it had been him, and because it wasn’t, she let the tears flow freely and uncontrollably. The park was a ghost town full of beautiful flowers at every turn. But there was one stem that was missing a cardinal red rosebud. It looked lifeless and bare in the pouring rain.

In a world full of beauty and happiness no one would notice the lost rose, but she did. She heard the flower calling out to her. How could such a beautiful thing be dying and imperfect? It made the brokenness inside her all the more pertinent.

Water filled my lungs. I screamed so loud, but no one heard a thing.

The rain drops and tears streamed down her face so she couldn’t tell the difference anymore. She wondered if he felt the same pain.

No, she thought, he doesn’t care. He wanted freedom long before, he just refused to say it. He made her say it instead.

The rain kept pouring, so she stayed put. No one was going to bother her, so why would she leave? The sound of her sobs faded with the drops hitting the wooden roof until even she couldn’t hear them anymore.

When the downpour turned to a light drizzle, she knew it was time to go home. She stood up to take one last look at her petal-less rose, but it had vanished. What happened to it? It hadn’t been raining hard enough for the stem to break, so where had it gone? All that was there was a sea of read roses. As much as it puzzled her, she knew she had to return home. And with that, she knew she had to rid herself of him.

Ten months older, I won’t give in. Now that I’m clean I’m never gonna risk it.

It was now spring, and her first year of college was coming to a close. Finals were all that was on her brain now. Boys had floated in and out of her life, not staying long enough to make an impact. She did not want them anymore. Her main priority was herself and her happiness.

Finals week came and went, and it was time to finally go home.

It was time to start her regular morning running routine again. She jogged through the trails like she had never left. Rain drops started to fall again, lightly and then more forcefully, and she was thrown into a memory of last summer. The park was just ahead; she could make it to the gazebo.

She stood under the wooden panels that leaked, and scanned the gardens around her. There were more flowers, different kinds and colors and sizes. It was all beautiful, but her favorites were still the roses. She thought of the bare stem she once saw on a day much like this one and wondered whatever happened to it. Her mind drifted to that rose a lot. The way is disappeared…Maybe it had been her imagination?

Then her gazed stopped on one single flower, redder and taller then all the rest. She tilted her head at it. Something told her that that was the rose. Her rose. Look at it now, bold and beautiful. The transformation was much like her own. She couldn’t help but smile.

This is it, she thought. I am free.

And by morning, gone was any trace of you. I think I am finally clean.

Ta da! I hope y’all liked my little one shot. I know, I know, it is kind of another love story type thing, but it is very different from the first! ‘Twas inspired by the lovely Taylor Swift and her song “Clean.” If you did not catch it, the italicized sentences are lyrics from the song.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and enjoy the weekend! 🙂


PS Shout out to my baby brother! He turns seventeen today–so I guess he isn’t a baby anymore. He is also taller than me. But he’s still little to me. He can now buy tickets to R-rated movies on his own! This is a big milestone (not really). Love ya, Mitchie-Poo ❤ Don’t kill me for that.


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