Love is an Open Door

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I am currently on the Amtrak, heading back to school after a wonderful weekend with some of my favorite people in the world. This is my little update for y’all. Every year since I was…well, I do not even remember how long ago it was. Let’s start over.


The squad 😉

Every year, my elementary school goes on a big field trip to Disneyland. Up until a few years ago, we just stayed the day and had loads of fun. I love Disneyland so much, it is insane. Those were my favorite days of my childhood, I think. Well, a few years ago, the trip switched to a Thursday (instead of Wednesday), and we did not have school on that Friday. I guess it was time to get a hotel room! We had passes so we could typically go in the next day, too. I was a lucky kid, I know.

But wait, it gets better. At the wonderful and beautiful Grand Californian Hotel and Resort, they built two very fancy two-story villas, complete with a full dining room and kitchen, a pool table, a window that stretched to both levels, three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and four balconies. I swear, it is the coolest thing. We got to stay in this room with two other families (and some friends), and on the first night, a bunch of people from the school came and we ate a big dinner and lots of dessert and played pool. It was one big party. It sounds kind of dumb, considering sometimes teachers were there, but it is the most fun I have ever had. Like, I adore my college–shocker–and I have had some of the best times in my life there, even though it has only been five months, but this weekend takes the cake. It feels like home.


I do not know how else to explain how wonderful it is. I was not able to go freshman and sophomore year of high school, and it was one of the worst things. I look forward to this weekend all year. It is hands-down one of my favorites. It is a part of me, to be honest. I am also a Disney freak (as I have mentioned a few times), so I love that I get to spend a few days in the happiest place on Earth.

This year was no different, even though I missed a day. It was perhaps the most exciting day, but Gracie and I together makes for a pretty eventful weekend. We are such a big, dysfunctional family, I love it. Life is better when we are all together, especially when Disney is involved. Just you wait until we cruise to Jamaica this summer. There is just so much love with these people.


We are making t-shirts for next year.

I hope you all had a great a weekend as I did. Now I have to get back to writing my book. I am so close to being done, I cannot handle it. However, I keep getting distracted by the beautiful coast next to me, so I do not know how much work I will actually get done.


Muppet and Penny Lane ❤

We are at a stop in Ventura right now, and there are so many surfers in the water. I wish I could join them! I mean, I am not at their level, at all, but I love being in the waves. I cannot wait to go beach camping again. Just waiting for summer! It’s only February isn’t it? Humph. I guess I will just have to go to Australia.

Have a perfect day! ❤



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