The Power of Love

Today is a wonderful day for the world, full of love and happiness and chocolate. No, I am not talking about Valentine’s Day, I am talking about my half-birthday! Most people do not celebrate their half-birthdays, but since I have never really had a Valentine, I do stuff for myself.

This time last year, I was in New Jersey, getting ready to visit my first choice school. I was supposed to go see Imagine Dragons with my then-boyfriend, but my mom scheduled the flight without realizing I had plans. It all worked out because I discovered that Seton Hall was not the college for me, and I got to see the city of my dreams. One day I will be back, New York.

For a long time, I hated Valentine’s Day because I never had anyone to share it with. Well, in my journey of discovering a new me, I have decided that I should not hate this holiday purely because I am a single pringle. I actually love this day because of what it stands for. Love. And that is something I am still learning about every day. While this February 14th is for relationship love (thanks to St. Valentine), I think it proves a bigger point. I do believe that you should always show appreciation for your significant other, but I think it is an opportunity to pamper your girl or guy a little bit extra. It also comes with cute photo opportunities, which is always a plus.

I am my own significant other as of the moment, and because it is my half-birthday, I like to love myself a little bit more. This morning I went to the pool to tan for a while. It is a beautiful day, and I am longing for summer. I am also trying to get my tan on early! I plan on getting some homework done this afternoon, before I cook a wonderful dinner of green beans and dinosaur chicken nuggets. Then I will bake cookie brownies (it is one mix–thank you, Betty Crocker!). We do not have a brownie tin, so I am planing one using the cupcake one and winging it. I will let you know how it goes!

As for after that, I am not really sure what my plans are. Maybe more loving myself? I have been on a good body image day streak this week, and I am very happy about it. Things are looking up, as of right now, and I am planning on it staying this way.

I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful day, whether it is with you significant other, yourself, your friends, or your family. Make sure you tell them you love them! After all, that is this day in a nutshell! Also, be safe in whatever your plans are for the day. Y’all know what I mean 😉




2 thoughts on “The Power of Love

  1. Happy half birthday! 🙂 I think I should start celebrating mine as well! Ha. I’ve been single 99% of the time when Valentine’s Day rolls around. I actually don’t mind it…because I am an independent nutjob haha. I just believe that there shouldn’t be just one day to celebrate love, so I tend to ignore most of the cutes-y stuff that goes on during the day! 🙂 I hope your brownie/cupcakes worked out and I hope you had a lovely half birthday 🙂


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