Take Me Out to the Ball Game

America can be defined by two things: hot dogs and baseball. That’s not all true, I suppose, but those are two things that really are “all American.” Here we are, awaiting spring to officially start, and you know what that means? Baseball season.

There is something about those four bases arranged in a diamond, the clink of bat as it hits the ball, the smell of barbecue, and seeing all how cute the players butts look in sliding pants that excites me to no end. And I am only a little bit kidding about that last part 😉

Playing sports was never my thing, even though I stuck with softball for long than I should have. Watching on TV was not even that exciting. Going to games, even city leagues, was where it was at for me. I grew up on Angels baseball. Dodgers, too, thanks to living in Los Angeles my whole life. But the Anaheim Angels (as they always will be to me, not this Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim nonsense) are my team. That cute rally monkey has some pull in that, not going to lie.


Old squad! ❤

Baseball season is the best season. And Friday night marked Cal Poly’s first home game of the year. It was against the Grand Canyon University Antelopes, which is Edie’s home team. There was no better opponent. Unfortunately, we lost that night, and the night after that. We shall see what happens tonight. I am making a point to go to at least one game in every home series. It is going to be great!

Something else was pretty cool Friday night, too. For about twenty minutes, I sat next to a future Dodger player! He was just drafted. Quite a few players were in the same boat for other teams, as well. I guess you could say we have a pretty talented team. My mom wants my brother to be one of them in a few years’ time.

Going to sports games was one of the things I was most looking forward to when coming to Cal Poly. The soccer games were cool, the football games, too. The basketball games might have been more fun than those. But baseball games are my pride and joy. Our annual tailgate/Angel game is something I refuse to miss. This past year, it fell the day before I left for San Luis Obispo, and it was the perfect send off.

We play this game together, which we just call the Cup Game. You get a plastic cup (red solo works), and a bunch of one dollar bills. Each player’s at bat counts as one turn for one person–so for your turn, you may have to set aside the team you are rooting for. It goes like this:

  • If the player gets out, put $1 into the cup.
  • If he gets a single, take $1 out of the cup.
  • For a double, take $2. And a triple, $3.
  • If he hits a home run, you get all the money in the cup.
  • If he gets walked, you just pass the cup. No money in, no money out.
  • In the final out of the game, the person with the cup has to pass it to the next person, and they get the pot.

Simple enough, right? It sounds kind of boring, but it is a lot of fun, and it gets everybody involved. My mom once won more than thirty bucks! This past year, I went in with nine dollars and left with twelve. A three dollar profit is pretty good, considering the fact that I did lose some of it in the middle there. I highly recommend playing it! We definitely are at the next game, which is in about two weeks. It is going to be a great season! 🙂


New squad! 🙂

So that’s another little piece of me. Yes, a girly girl like me loves sports. And boys in tight pants 😉 I was just too excited not to share.

What kind of sports, if any, are y’all into?


Love me!


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