Talk Dirty to Me

Hiya, folks! I added another countdown to the bottom of my page (check it out down there if you ever feel like it), and it is for something super awesome. I am doing a mud run in Phoenix, Arizona in April with some of my friends! I am getting ready to get down and dirty and kick some ass.

This run is a 10K (about six miles), which is a bit scary considering the distance in mud and with obstacles will feel like double that, but I think I can do it. Even though I sprained my foot–and it refuses to heal completely–I have started training. I mean, this was decided all of three days ago when I was at lunch with my Big, so I am only on Day 3. Plus, I had class all day yesterday and work and did not get to do much working out. I know this will be hard, but I am ready for a challenge like this. We are training for this mud run, and then the mud run is part of our training for the Nike Women’s Half (go New Year’s resolutions!). It is a lot, I know, but I have already got a few miles under my belt.

There is a great trail on campus to a place called Arch Graveyard, which is where all the old senior Architecture projects were built over the years. Before, I never made it all the way (about 100 or so feet short) because I knew I would get distracted and I had to focus on running. However, on Day 1 of training, I ventured on the hiking trail around it. I got to see, in person, how cool all the projects were while getting some incline walking in. It is about a mile and a half, there and back, with a steady incline the whole way. I plan on doing that about three times a week, with jumping jacks, planks, and so on for about thirty minutes after. Also, I have been sent a training schedule by one of the girls on my team. Granted, I cannot do all of this because I have very limited equipment, but I will do what I can. I am also stocking up on fruits and vegetables and getting better at portion sizing the less healthy food I eat (like my beloved Coco Puffs).


Even though I loathe mud, I cannot wait to do this!

There begs a question concerning something I hardly talk about anymore but is till 100% a part of my life: how good is this for my recovery?

For my depression recovery, it is awesome, I think. I puts my mind in a better place and I can focus on the work outs rather than Bad Thoughts.

On the flip side, this could be very bad for my eating disorder recovery. I still think about everything I put into my mouth every second of every day, and that sucks. It does not always stop me from eating whatever I want to eat, but I hate that those thoughts are still poisoning my mind. The thing about all of this is: I do not have to restrict my eating with this training, if I do not want to. I am just choosing to eat healthier than I have been.

When I came to this school, recovery was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I gained a good chunk of weight back fairly easily. However, I weighed more than what I was at before my eating disorder, and that number on the scale upset me. As it does with many a recovery. My eating habits have fluctuated so much since being here, but in the last month or so, I have been getting back to a routine, and this time, more fruits and veggies are involved.

So even with my training for the mud run, if I eat regularly with food that is good for my health and without restricting, I believe that it will not hurt my recovery. The point of this is not to lose weight, either, which I think helps the situation greatly. The point is to get in better shape, get into healthier eating habits, and to (hopefully) gain some muscle.

Prioritizing is important, and my first one for this is to have fun and finish! That is what is important, isn’t it? And it will be great training for the half-marathon. The priority for that race is to get the Tiffany’s finisher’s necklace. I know, I have the right kind of mindset, huh?

Have any of you ever done a mud run or half marathon? What did you think of it? Do you have any advice for a beginner like me?

Much love, A

Love me!


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