Lovely How I Let My Mind Float

Do you hear that? The sound of partiers and loud music?

No? Good. I do not either. But that is because it is the dreaded dead week here at Cal Poly. That means the library is flooded with students of all years and all majors, cramming for their fast approaching finals. I am taking a break from studying (and laundry) because I need to write and my brain might explode.

It seems like only a few days ago the quarter started, and now here we are in Week 10. In March. Like, what? How is it that time moves so quickly? I still have so much to do! I have to study for Geology and Theatre, then write a paper for English, which I have yet to actually start. I have the outline and a proposal essay, but other than that I have nothing. Also on Thursday I have my lab final for Geology (identifying fossils, can’t wait), and then I have to give a small speech in English about what my essay is on–no props, no notes. I am majorly stressing.

One of the things that is getting me through these next two weeks is a new song I have discovered. It is actually playing as I type this. It is “Weekend Millionaires” by Katelyn Tarver. I am so in love with it! I highly recommend giving it a listen. I also just got a Soundcloud. Follow me if you please! But I have like no playlists or anything yet so bare with me.

Music definitely helps with finals and studying. I have a strictly soft instrumental playlist on Spotify, too, for studying and reading.

Some other things that are good for studying and finals:

  • Tea! It is calming and soothing. It also has caffeine, if you get the right ones. I loooove tea, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. My favorites are Passion Iced Tea from Starbucks and black mango iced tea that I get from this coffee shop downtown called Kreutzberg.
  • Sleep. I know this is both self-explanatory and near-impossible, but I am serious. Sleeping is so important, so try to get as much at night as you can. Naps are also SO HELPFUL.
  • No phone. Yes, put your phone out of reach when you are studying. It will stop you from being on it when you shouldn’t be. After a half hour or hour, take a study break and go through your social networks if you must. When you put our phone out of sight, you are (hopefully) not thinking about it and can therefore study better and more efficiently.
  • Go outside. This is a kind of weird one. You can go outside to take a break from being inside your room or the library and get some much needed fresh air. It is also nice to study outdoors; the fresh air is stimulating. A change of scenery is great for getting work done, in my experience.
  • Drink water. And lots of it! Staying hydrated is so important and it is great for your mind. Water is probably one of my favorite things in the whole world. I am drinking it right now, and this is probably my second or third bottle today.

Those are just a few things that I have picked up in my college adventures. This is round two of finals–thank you, quarter system!

I cannot believe I am almost a sophomore. Like, I only have one more quarter of this year and then it will be summer, I will be working, cruising to Jamaica, getting ready to return to Poly and preparing for Fall recruitment. I will also be twenty this summer, which is absolutely insane. Life is moving too quickly!!

Here is a picture of young Mark Wahlberg to brighten your day.

IMG_5201Without a doubt, he is one of my top celebrity crushes. Love you, Marky Mark! ❤

Have a beautiful Monday! I must get back to studying–or maybe I should fold my laundry…All this while I am trying to deal with all the fruit flies that have invaded our apartment! The struggle is so real. But Spring Break is just around the corner; just two more weeks.

Stay beautiful! -A


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