Secret – Pretty Little Roomies Episode 1

Hello, folks! I hope y’all are enjoying your day.

I am starting this little series on my blog called “Pretty Little Roomies.” It is kind of my own take on Pretty Little Liars, but kind of based on my school and the people around me. I mean, this is all fictitious, but some of it is inspired by things that have happened. It is about four girls who are roommates in their freshman year of college–basically my roommates and I–and their adventures throughout the year. I am excited for the PLL twists that are going into it.


Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 1

Megan was sitting in her room, all my her lonesome–per the usual–doing homework. Or at least, she was attempting to do her homework. Her theatre class readings just did not appeal to her. She had already read Hamlet in high school, and did not want to struggle through it again. Instead, she left her notes open and was compiling a playlist on Soundcloud for finals week.

Amanda was stressing over her chemistry lab that was due tomorrow, also per the usual. She kept mumbling words under her breath that made no sense to anyone else. She often questioned why she wanted to be a Biology major if this was what she had to go through to get there. Nevertheless, Amanda was not one for giving up; all she needed was a midnight snack.

Emily had never been more stressed in her life. That could be an exaggeration, but it seemed to hold true. Nearly all the classes she needed for next quarter were full, leaving her to try and weasel her way into GEs and free electives. Her four year plan was slipping from her perfectly manicured grasp, thanks to her late registration rotation. Not only that, but she still had massive amounts of work to do for her marketing project, whose deadline was fast approaching. This was going to be another all-nighter.

Then there was Marissa, nowhere to be found. At least, that’s how it seemed. She basically lived at her boyfriend’s house off campus, and the rest of the girls barely saw her anymore. She was always at work, in class, at the gym, or with Jason. However, she still made time to practice her COMS speeches in front of her roommates about twenty times each day.

You could say the girls of apartment 25E were ready for spring break. Just a few more weeks!

“Guys, can we make a froyo run?” Amanda called from her room.

Megan was in the hallway within seconds. “I am so down. Em?”

Emily’s eyes never left her computer screen. “Can’t. Too much work.”

“Come on,” Amanda said. “You have been working too hard on that thing. We all need a study break.”

She pursed her lips. “I guess I could go for some right now.”

“Do you want to see if Brad and Alexander want to come?” Megan asked.

Amanda was already sending a text to her boyfriend and his roommate a few doors down in 29E. “Alexander is coming, but Brad is with Nina.”

Nina was Brad’s girlfriend, and she did not live in their apartment complex. Therefore, she was not very close with any of the girls. Within seconds, Alexander was walking in through the always open front door to 25E, ready to go. The four of them walked across campus to the frozen yogurt place, and soon enough they were sitting at a table outside. It was cold, but the restaurant was closing in a few minutes, and they did not want to keep the workers longer than necessary.

Emily was smiling at her phone.

“Is that your boy?” Megan smirked. They all knew Emily was talking to some guy, but they didn’t know anything about him, including his name.

She blushed. “Maybe.”

“When do we get to meet him?” Amanda asked. “The roomies need to approve.”

Emily hesitated. “You can meet him soon, I promise. Things are just weird right now. This needs to stay under the radar, so don’t be telling anyone that I am talking to somebody, please.”

“Of course, we won’t,” Megan said. “We just want to know who keep making you smile like that.”

“Will I get to know?” Alexander wondered.

All the girls jokingly glared at him. “There need to be some secrets we keep from you guys. Our rooms are close, but not close enough.”

Alexander laughed, thinking back to when the girls had their “Roomie Recap” with him in the room…under Amanda’s covers…with no pants on. “I think we are too close, actually. But if you must keep this secret, I will not stop trying to figure out who it is.”

“And we will take pleasure in telling you that you are wrong, even if you are right,” Megan replied with her usual sass.

The subject was dropped, and they moved on to what parties were happening this weekend. Not much was happening, though, since finals were fast approaching. Soon, they were all back in their apartments. Well, Amanda went back to Alexander’s, and Emily and Megan returned to studying in their rooms.

Megan finished her playlist and went on to working on her final paper for English. This needs to be perfect, she thought, laying out her index cards all around her on the floor. She sorted through all of them again and again, fitting them into categories she could work with. The music playing from her laptop helped, as music always did.

Finally, she had a solid outline going, and she decided to write in her journal, like she did every night. Her thoughts flew across the page: finals, friends, food, everything. She wrote about how all of her roommates were finding significant others except her. She joked about only needing her body pillow, but it still hurt that she was always the only one who never had a boy to bring home or to dance with at parties. Megan was happy for her roommates, of course, but seventh wheeling made her much less happy. It seemed to rarely be just the four of them anymore. Emily had stopped bringing boys home because of her new secret man; instead, she was gone with him, leaving Megan to fifth wheel. Not as bad as seventh wheeling, but still not fun.

She journaled about her daily struggles with depression and eating disorders. Maybe she didn’t have a boyfriend because she had so many issues. She was working through them, but there were bad days. She did better when she did not dwell on them, so her writing quickly took a turn back to school.

Emily was up, texting her mystery man and working on a Powerpoint presentation for her project. This is ridiculous, she thought, reading a text from someone in her group who was not cooperating. She was so focused on getting a good grade for this assignment, and it seemed like she was the only one. If she could not get the classes she wanted, she had to make the best of the ones she got; her group members apparently did not feel the same.

I will come over tomorrow and make you a margarita. How does that sound? Mystery Man’s message said in reply to her rant.

She told him that she would love that. Maybe we could tell my roommates about us, too. They won’t tell anyone, I promise.

He took a minute to answer. Okay, but they have to keep this so low key.

Emily smiled triumphantly. She was good at getting what she wanted. Her roommates would keep their secret. This relationship was what you would call a “forbidden love affair.” Like Romeo and Juliet.

With that accomplishment, she decided to give up on her slideshow for the night. It may have been nearly four in the morning, and she had a meeting at nine, but a few hours was more than nothing.

The next day, the four girls were sitting together in their living room, ready to decide on what they were going to make for dinner. The consensus was pesto tortellini, which was a favorite for all of them.

“Do you mind if a have a guest come after dinner?” Emily asked.

The three others looked at her excitedly. Megan exclaimed, “Of course! As long as we get to meet him.”

“Well, duh,” Amanda said. “She can’t kick us out of our own apartment, even if she wanted to.”

“You guys just have to promise you won’t tell anyone that this is happening. I know it does not make much sense now, but this cannot get out. You might be able to tell Alexander, but no one else can know.” Emily’s expression was serious like the other had never seen before.

“We swear,” Marissa said. Megan and Amanda agreed.

After dinner and dishes, Emily told her roommates that Mystery Man was on his way, and he would be there soon. The three of them sat on the couch anxiously, scrolling through their social networks and showing each other funny pictures and gifs.

Finally, a knock came at the door. Emily got up to answer it. In walked a muscular, tan guy all of them recognized immediately.

Megan, Amanda, and Marissa’s jaws dropped as they exclaimed his name at the same time. “Patrick!?”

And there you have it!

Who is Patrick? How do the girls all know him? You will find out soon!

Yours truly, A

Love me!


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