Friday I’m in Love

Today is a very important Friday. It is the last day of Dead Week, and the last day of school before finals week. I AM FREAKING OUT.


I have been trying really hard to let go of my Bad Thoughts lately–they have been plaguing my mind like mad and I find myself crying in the shower almost every night. Recovery is a struggle sometimes, and in all honesty, I have been slipping back into my old ways. I have realized this and am trying my best to get back on track. The second half of this week has been much better!

It is not helping that I gave up chocolate for Lent, and cereal after 6 pm. I am also out of milk, so I can’t even eat my Fruit Loops during the day. I just need sugar!

I am also doing my best to let go of a lot of what has been bothering me these last few weeks. This has not been the easiest journey in the slightest, but ever since I was five and learned what the word persevere means, I have been determined to do just that in every aspect of my life. This is not over.

A few things have been getting me through this week without crying from stress and resorting to sleeping all day and avoiding responsibilities. I mean, I have been sleeping a lot, but I am making sure to get all of my work done and to eat enough and drink enough water.

One of these things is coffee. I cannot help but get a tall vanilla iced coffee every day this week. Every. Single. Day. But I am limiting it to no more than one per day! It is hard to beat the bittersweet taste and the rush of caffeine. How else am I supposed to stay awake to study?

I have also been quite the online shopper this year…don’t tell my mom! Of course, I have not been too extravagant in my purchases, but I can’t help but scroll through Tobi, Amazon, and other websites. I mostly just look, but I have made some impulse buys–American Candy album and t-shirt, I am looking at you. [Sidebar: Seriously, check out The Maine! They are life, basically.]

My most recent purchase was just a few days ago, and it should arrive by next Thursday, which means that it will be my end of finals present to myself! My last final is that evening. I bought a Victoria’s Secret bralette I have had my eye on for a while.


This is the color I got it in. I am so excited for it to come!

I am also having major SloDoCo cravings lately. That is this 24-hour donut shop near campus. They have the best donuts. It would satisfy my sugar need, especially because I do not need to get any chocolate ones. My favorites are: blueberry, maple, glazed old fashion, strawberry frosted with sprinkles, and crumb donuts. Hmmmm…maybe I will make a donut run later today…

I have been filling my study breaks with Friends marathons. I am on season seven, and while I have seen very episode before, I am seeing them in order for the first time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rachel’s hair in the end of season 3/beginning of season 4. My hair is getting longer, so I want to get it cut like that the next time I go to the salon. Maybe over Spring Break?


Jennifer Aniston is a queen.

I just cannot wait to type the second draft of my book over the break! It is probably what has been getting me through this week the best. Just thinking about it makes me all giddy.

I am also looking forward to not dealing with all the fruit flies in my apartment. They are everywhere, and I hate them. Luckily, we have some traps set up, but I still see some flying about. One even followed me all the way to the study room in our Community Center, which is at the bottom of our complex (I live in the building at the top).

I know the way I talk about it makes the Quarter System sound super stressful. While it is, there are lots of pros. I only take a class for ten weeks, so if I do not like it or the professor, I do not have to deal with it for very long. It also adds a lot of variety to the classes I can take throughout the year. I like that my schedule gets switched up. Staying in a single routine for too long makes me anxious.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week, as usual. What kind of things do you do during finals or in preparation for finals? What about online shopping? And the most important question of all: what is your favorite kind of donut?


PS It’s Friday the 13th! Be safe if you are superstitious. And of you are not…still be safe! 🙂

Love me!


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