Secret – PLR Episode 2

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Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 2

“Oh, my God, Emily!” Megan screeched. “This is bad. This is so bad,”

“This is not good for either of you. He could get fired. You could get kicked out of housing…or expelled…or something. I don’t know, but this is not good at all,” Amanda said.

Emily replied, “You think I don’t know that? We didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did.”

The girls had left Patrick out in their living room all by himself. He was sitting awkwardly on their couch while Megan, Amanda, and Marissa dragged Emily into Amanda’s bedroom and locked the door. It wasn’t the most conventional thing to do at the moment, but they needed to Roomie Recap now.

“How did this happen, Em?” Marissa asked.

Emily went into the story of how she was at a party with a girl from her marketing class who was older. Patrick was at this party.

Patrick was not just any guy, he was a graduate student that managed their apartment building. He was on a committee that was in charge of the whole complex: the rules, regulations, programs, events, schedules, and so on. An RA would have been one thing. If Patrick has been an RA, yes, he would get fired for dating one of his residents, but life would go on. The Building Manager, or BM, would be exiled from the entire school. It was almost like a teacher dating a student.

The two of them hung out almost the whole night. After that, it was supposed to be over, but seeing each other around so much made them realize what a good connection they had. For the most part, they only met off campus, but they had been getting more bold, like going out to dinner at places on campus. It was fine for BMs and residents to be friends, but anything more was forbidden.

“Em, out of all the boys you could have brought home,” Amanda said, “You had to pick the illegal one?”

“Trust, me, I am not okay with this as much as you guys, but I like him. Like, as more than just a fling, and I want to see where this goes, at least for a little while.”

All the girl exchanged glances. Marissa was the one to speak. “We won’t tell anyone, we promise, but if this gets out, we have to deny knowing anything about it.”

“I ask for nothing more than that,” Emily replied. “I love you guys, you know that?”

“Of course, we do.” Megan smiled. “Now let’s go see what you see in this guy. He probably feels really weird just sitting on our couch.”

The four roommates started moving towards the door when Emily added, “He also wants to make margaritas. That cool?”

That was even more against the rules, but no one was going to complain. Finals were soon, and the stress in the room was almost palpable. They needed to let off a little steam.

“That is definitely not a problem,” Amanda answered.


The next day, Megan walked around campus with this huge secret on her mind. All she wanted to do was talk about it–she loved a good piece of gossip. She could not wait to go home that night and ask Emily a ton of questions about Patrick, but for now, she had to sit in English class for the next two hours.

The reading quiz given at the beginning of nearly every class was easy enough. Then discussion–and lots of it–followed. Soon she was free! Well, for the next hour, that is.

She plopped herself down in the Science building with her iced coffee and waited for Dan. He sat with her every Tuesday and Thursday from two to three. For her, it was between English and Geology; for him, it was just before Chemistry. Their classes were right next to each other.

Dan had been friends with Megan since they met at orientation over the summer. He was just one of those guys she could hook up with at a party and have it totally not be weird after that. You could find them at the library together more often than that, though.

“I heard you sang at an open mic on Friday,” Dan said taking a sip of Megan’s coffee without asking. “Where was my invite?”

She took her Starbucks back. “My roommates and Alexander were already coming. I couldn’t have everyone I know witnessing my lame singing.”

“You are a lot better than you give yourself credit for, you know that right?”

Megan clucked her tongue. “How would you know, you have never heard me before.”

“Yet. I still know it’s true, though,” he replied, taking another sip of her coffee. “You put too much milk in this.”

She waved him off. “Then stop drinking from mine. But it’s only because that’s where my sweetness comes from. Give Megan bitter coffee, and she will be bitter right back.”

“But Dan can deal with Megan’s bitterness if he gets better coffee out of it,” he said, taking on talking in third person.

Megan smiled a little. “Shouldn’t you be reviewing chemistry or something?”

Dan smirked. “Or something. I have a COMS speech tomorrow. Can I practice on you?”

She crossed her legs and turned towards him on the couch. “Go for it.”

He gave a great speech about how to make the perfect spaghetti dinner that made Megan majorly crave the meal. After she clapped, she asked. “Can we get spaghetti after class?”

“Of course.” Then he went on studying his index cards and mouthing to himself, while she reviewed information about feathers and their evolution for her quiz.

It was harder than she thought–focusing, that is. She wanted to tell Dan about Emily and Patrick. She told him pretty much everything, so this shouldn’t have been any different. Except she knew she could not say a syllable about it, so she tried her best to focus on her notes. This just meant that at dinner, she needed to get gossip about what was going on his dorm to make up for it.

After class, Megan got pizza instead of spaghetti, and Dan ordered ravioli. The Italian food on campus wasn’t the best, but they couldn’t ignore a craving.

Then the two of them met Amanda and Alexander at the library. Finals were in less than three weeks. Most people thought it was too early to start cramming, but they wanted to make good use of this prime time before the building was chalk full of students, like it would be the week after next.

The boys got up to get more coffee, leaving Megan and Amanda to themselves. Thank God, Megan thought.

“I saw Patrick with a couple other BMs this morning, and it was so weird. I didn’t know if I should wave or not,” she said.

Amanda replied just as eagerly. “I saw him in the Community Center leading a meeting with all the RAs on my way here! I wanted to tell Alexander so badly.”

“Did you get Em’s text saying she wanted to invite him to the beach this weekend? If he comes, I don’t think Alexander or Jason can come.”

“I think we should stick with just the roomies this time,” Amanda stated. Megan agreed with her.

“What should you stick to just the roomies with?” Dan asked, returning with a black coffee for him and an iced coffee with half and half for Megan.

“The beach,” Amanda replied.

Alexander looked surprised. “But I wanted to come!”

“Babe, if you came then everyone would have to come. Next time, okay?” Amanda told him. “This time we just want to have girl time.”

“Okay, fine. You guys can’t borrow my football then.”

“Whatever you want. As long as you bring it when you can come with us.”

“Wait, I want to go to the beach, too,” Dan said.

Megan put her chin in one hand, and highlighted her theatre notes with the other. “You can totally come next time, too. But you are not a roomie, nor a girl, so not this time, kid.”

The two boys shrugged in defeat, then went back to reading textbooks and taking notes. Amanda and Megan, meanwhile, exchanged a look of relief. It was a good thing neither of them had pressed the subject more. They would have to be a little bit more careful with talking about it the next time.

This was a big secret they had to keep.

Author update: I have one final down (Theatre), one paper due online at ten this morning, and one final tomorrow at four! Finals week is moooooving right along.


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