Secret – PLR Episode 3

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Here are the links for Episode 1 and Episode 2 if you need a recap 🙂


Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 3

“Do you think people know?” Marissa asked, shoving a spoonful of vanilla frozen yogurt into her mouth.

Amanda knew what she was talking about without needing clarification. Emily and Patrick were a hot topic among the roommates these days. “I’m not sure. He stayed really late last night, do you think anyone was awake to see him leave?”

“I don’t think so. But what if people saw them together off campus?”

Amanda pursed her lips. “That would be pretty questionable…”

Marissa thought back to the beginning of the year when all Emily wanted was a good hook up and some jungle juice. Now things were changing; Emily’s tough-girl front was melting right before their eyes. She could tell her roommate was really starting to like this boy, and they were all happy for her. Patrick was attractive, driven, intelligent, and funny–much like Emily.

Amanda decided to change the subject. “You know, Calvin gave me the coldest glare today in the laundry room last night.”

Marissa shrugged. “He needs to get over it. It has been like…a while.”

“Marissa, it has been, like, barely a month,” Amanda corrected. “And you are already in another relationship.”

Calvin lived in the apartment next door to the girls. He had developed a hefty crush on Marissa in the last few months, and Marissa rolled along with it, trying to see him as more than a friend. Their two-week-long official relationship ended in a heated fight about each other’s feelings. The walls were thin, and it was too easy for everyone in the apartments on either side to hear crystal clearly what they were saying.

Then a few weeks later, Marissa started dating Jason–who had been part of what she and Calvin were fighting about. Amanda, Emily, and Megan were a little bit skeptical of the whole thing, but wanted to give Jason a fair chance. They wanted to see what Marissa saw in him. So far, it was not going well. Not necessarily badly, but not well. Even Marissa couldn’t stop complaining about him.

“I know, I know. Jason is just so different than Calvin.”

Amanda thought to herself, Yeah, Calvin treated you like a princess, while Jason acts like he couldn’t care less about you. She didn’t dare say these things out loud because there was still something Marissa really liked about Jason, and she didn’t want Roomie Recap talk to get between that…yet. Instead she just said, “They are pretty unlike each other.”

The two girls continued eating their yogurt and discussing what parties were happening this weekend. They really needed a break from school, and lately they parties they went to were not up to par.

This conversation put Amanda on a new, but similar, topic. “Have you told Megan about what happened at Margarita Monday yet?”

Marissa knew she was talking about how she was throwing up from drinking too much and not eating beforehand. Megan always made sure her roommates were safe while drinking, and Marissa had just decided not to listen. “No, I haven’t. Has she said anything?”

“No, but why haven’t you told her? I mean, you can’t tell Em and I stuff and not tell Megan. It’s, like…Roomie Code,” Amanda replied.

“She is just going to lecture me because I was stupid.”

“Okay, one: yes, it was stupid, but only because you know better. Two: she is not going to lecture you. She is going to react exactly how Em and I did and move on.”

Marissa did know better, and she wasn’t sure why she did it–and then didn’t tell Megan about it. She should have just told none of them…or all of them. It didn’t really matter which. “Okay.”

Amanda didn’t know if that meant that she would tell Megan or if she just understood what she was saying. Megan already knew about Monday night, but she needed to hear it from Marissa. The subject was not dwelled on after that.


Meanwhile, Megan and Emily were at the pool, pretending to study. In reality, they were just soaking up the warm sun, also talking about parties that were happening this weekend.

Emily listed the fraternities that were throwing events with decent themes. “Do I need to make a game plan again?”

Megan nodded. “Yes, please. And Dan said Phi Kap is throwing a luau, so we should hit that one up, too.”

“Meg, are you and him ever going to be a real thing?” It was a question all of the roomies had been asking for months.

She shook her head. “No, that ship sailed, like, forever ago.”

“But,” Emily pointed out, “you guys are cute together.”

Megan put down the highlighter she had been twirling around in her fingers. “You’re not the only one that thinks so, but right now, we are just friends. Besides, if we dated and then it ended, I would lose one of my best friends. So not worth it at this point.”

This was true, Emily thought. She was still rooting for them to get together, though. She loved the idea of all the roomies being in or close to being in relationships, now that she had Patrick.

Not only that, but she just like Patrick. They may have to be a very under-the-radar couple, but she thought it was pretty sexy to be sneaking around like that. Em wasn’t one for a Romeo and Juliet romance, but now that she was kind of living one, it was almost exhilarating.

Megan liked the idea, too. “Maybe I should be having an illicit love affair,” she said, knocking Emily from her thoughts.

“It has its pros and its cons.”

“Pro: sexy, older guy,” Megan started. “Con: can’t tell anyone, except the roomies. Pro: dramatically exciting–“

Emily cut in, “Con: he could get worse-than-fired, and who knows what would happen to me?”

“That is a pretty hefty con…”

“But you’re right,” Emily said with a grin. “It is dramatically exciting to have a sexy older guy. Kind of an adrenaline rush, if you ask me.”

Megan thought to herself, Illicit things usually do that to you. She was a little bit jealous–who wouldn’t be when you are the only single one of your friends–but she was equally happy that all her roommates were happy.

While the two girls were turning to tan the back sides of their bodies, Emily’s mind wandered to possible suitors for Megan–she would like that: “suitors”–and she began compiling a mental list of all the eligible bachelors for her roommate. But only the best would make the cut. The girls of  25E deserved nothing else.

Hmmmm…some drama indeed. Happening in the fictional world and the real world. Let’s see how this all plays out, shall we?

Your writer friend, A

Love me!



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