Spring Breakdown

Hey, folks! I am back at school, hanging out before classes start tomorrow (I have an 8 am UGHHH) and just wanted to update you guys on everything that happened this week. I mean, it isn’t much, and there is a lot I am still thinking about. By that, I mean that I should not be thinking about those things, and I am trying to forget. Hang tight, I have a lot on my mind.


Well, if you have not been keeping up with my blog, I was at work. I talked a little bit about it over here. Mondays typically totally suck are not the best days of the week. This past one was no different. It took me a bit to get back into the swing of things at work.


This day was just like Monday, only a little bit smoother. Honestly, I cannot remember much about this day other than that I realized I was definitely getting sick and my back pain was a tiny bit better than the day before.

This was probably the only day of the week that I actually worked on my book for a little bit. I was hoping to finish this draft by the end of Spring Break, and I only got through a few pages. This is a priority, so I plan on finishing it soon. Updates to come!


This day was the equivalent to Summer Camp Week Three, otherwise known as the week that I start to get fed up with kids who don’t listen. It only took three days and that worries me. But we got to make tie-dye t-shirts, which was totally awesome! I haven’t made my own tie-dye shirt in too long.

The good thing was that after work I got to go shopping with my sister. I bought this high-waisted cut-off jean shorts from American Eagle. I am wearing them as I write this and I kind of love them. That store has the best jeans ever. I also wanted new running shoes, but that didn’t happen. I guess I will wait even longer for those…


I worked again, surprise, surprise. Blue Group got to walk around the corner and visit the warehouse of West Coast Customs. My dad watches the TV show, so it was cool to go and see all the cars that they were working on. I love cars, and growing up in a car family, I totally appreciated the trip. They happened to be filming while we were there, so we saw a bit more of the behind the scenes stuff.


After work, Chelsea and I got our nails done (expect a picture in my next “Right Now” post, which will hopefully come be up later this week). I got a pale pink gel manicure, and I am absolutely in love with it. It would look slightly better if I was a little bit tanner. I am hoping to get to the pool soon to fix that.

Then she was going to an Italian restaurant at CityWalk called Buca di Beppo with Katt. They convinced me to tag along. Now, Katt wanted to talk to me about…the incident…and I told her I was basically over it. Well, I am not really, but I can be polite and mature about this because they are friends again. The food was good and I didn’t pay for it, so it was pretty all right, I guess.


This was the most chill day at work. We did not have set classes like we usually do, it was mostly games and snack time. Thank the Lord. It was Chelsea’s real birthday, too. She picked up Gracie and we went to Jamba Juice on my break, which was soooo good. It was just what I needed on that hot day. This was also the worst of my sick days. During After Care, I thought I was going to throw up and some tears were shed. I pulled through thanks to some water and Advil.

I also hugged my ex-boyfriend (initiated by him), which was…interesting? The whole week with him was. I just think that the hug solidified that we could officially be friends now. This is a good thing.

After work, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for Chelsea’s real birthday dinner. I had a flatbread, and it was delicious. I also ate a slice of apple cinnamon streusel cheesecake, and that was heavenly.

Then I hung out and caught up with Stephanie. Boy, did I miss that girl. It was so nice to talk to her about everything and to listen to all the things happening in her life. I am so glad I have her ❤


I woke up with a hundred degree fever. Great, right? I took some Tylenol and a shower and felt much better. My voice is still gone, I can barely breath through my nose, and my throat feels like it is closing up, but you know, I am still alive.

I finished packing up all my stuff, and Vanessa and Adam picked me up (in Vanessa’s new car!) at around four o’clock. There was some traffic, but the two of them hit most of it on their way to get me. We got dinner at The Spot in Carpinteria, which is one of my favorite places. I loved being back there, even if it was only for about a half hour. We were back at school by about eight-thirty. It was time to just chill for the first time all week.


The night was full of Luke Bryan’s newest album and Captain America: the Winter Soldier.

Now here I am preparing for my first day of classes. Spring Quarter, bring it on! I cannot believe this is my last quarter of my first year of college. Crazy stuff, man.

I hope you all had wonderful weeks! If you were on Spring Break, I hope it was so much fun, and if you are about to be on break, I wish you the best of times. And don’t forget to always be safe!!


PS also met my cousin for the first time ever! He is twenty-one and I am nineteen, so this is weird, right? I am friends with his sister, but I still have not met the oldest brother. They live in Boston, so I guess it is not that weird…I also have a cousin that goes to Cal Poly that I have yet to meet. I need his phone number so we can go get froyo or something.


JoDee: “It is too bad he is your cousin because he is cute!” What do you guys think?

Love me!


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