Secret – PLR Episode 4

Typical Wednesday. Actually…Happy April Fools Day!! 🙂


Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 4

 “Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan!” Amanda whispered into her phone.

Megan was in her own room, four feet away, working on her english paper. “Amanda, we are both home. Why are you calling me?”

Her roommate sounded panicked. “Something in my room just fell over, and I am scared. My fan is off and the window is closed, so what could it have been?”

Megan pursed her lips. The girls had been convinced that a ghost was haunting apartment 25E. First, it was the fruit flies that came out of nowhere and multiplied in a quicker time frame than normal. Then it was the footsteps Megan heard in her room one night when she was the only one there. Third was the whispers Amanda and Alexander heard in her bedroom the other evening. What solidified the girls’ wild imaginations was a video shown to them by Brad and Alexander. A ghost was seen leaving room 25 of a hotel.

Now something had fallen over in Amanda’s room with no visible force acted upon it. Megan bravely sad, “I am coming over to investigate.”

She tiptoed over to Amanda’s room and opened the door. Her roommate was hiding under her covers, only her eyes showing. She turned on the light.

“What fell?”

Amanda looked around. “I am not totally sure, but it sounded like it was coming from my desk.”

Megan walked over to the piece of furniture and looked around it. Everything seemed to be in place and there was nothing on the floor or tipped over. This was rather puzzling.

“Megs, the devil basically hates us and is trying to mess with us right before finals.”

It was kind of a ridiculous notion, but the girls could think of nothing else. They didn’t want to think they could be going crazy and losing their minds. Finals drive you nuts, but not that nuts, right? They were all imagining things, right? Right?

Megan crawled onto Amanda’s bed with her. “This is so not cool. How are we supposed to study and keep our sanity when stuff like this is happening?”

“Brad messed with that Ouija board, didn’t he?” Amanda said through gritted teeth.

Brad was obsessed with Ouija boards and wanted to play with one in their building. He even joked about doing it in the girls’ room. No way in hell they were letting that happen. They did not know for sure if the boy had gotten a hold of one, but based on things that were happening, it was an easy conclusion to jump to.

They sat together until Amanda was ready to face the dark room alone. Megan was just a few feet away, so she could be there in an instant should anything else happen. Emily was already fast asleep and Marissa was at Jason’s so they wouldn’t be the best to handle the situation.

Megan returned to her room and sat with her laptop again, stuck on a body paragraph. She only got through a few more sentences until giving up for the night. She turned on an episode of Friends, then took a shower and went to bed. The devil was finished messing with their heads that night.

They woke up in the morning calm, cool, and collected for the day ahead. And tired. They were always tired.

In fact, Megan was so worn out that she skipped breakfast–something she was adamant on never doing. She did not realize it until she was halfway through her 9 am class, and her stomach was emitting noises comparable to a humpback whale. As soon as her lecture was over, she got a smoothie to satisfy her stomach and her fruit craving.

While waiting for her next class, Megan sat down at an outside table and took out her laptop. While scrolling through her Twitter feed, she recognized the voices behind her. At the angle she was sitting, she could see the reflection of Patrick and Matthew chatting behind her. Matthew was the Resident Advisor of her building and Patrick’s quasi-apprentice.  She decided to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“Can we meet tomorrow night to go over the program for next week?” Matthew asked.

Patrick replied, “I can’t, Matty, sorry. I have plans.” Megan knew those plans were dinner off-campus with Emily.

“Okay, no worries. May I ask what you are doing?” Matty, always so polite.

“Just going out with a friend,” Patrick told him.

“Is it that girl people keep saying you are seeing?”

Patrick hesitated. “I am not really seeing anyone right now. I am a little too busy with school and work. But yes, I am going to dinner with a girl.”

Megan tilted her head slightly to hear if he would say anything more. She heard Matty ask about the “girl” again, to which Patrick answered vaguely. Then the conversation turned to school, and she tuned out.

It wasn’t until the two of them stood up to leave a minute later that they noticed Megan sitting there. Matty greeted her first. “Hi, Megan! How are you?”

“I am well, thanks. How are you guys?” She tried to pull Patrick into the conversation, too. He didn’t get the hint. He just waved, said goodbye, and walked away.

“Tired definitely,” Matty replied to her question. “Are you having a good week so far?”

She nodded. “I am glad it is almost over, though. Soon it will be finals, then Spring Break, that’s all I am waiting for.”

“I agree. Well, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. See you later!” He headed in the same direction Patrick had gone.

Megan was left sitting at her table with her smoothie, overthinking like she usually did. Did Patrick really only see Emily as no one special? she wondered. It sure didn’t seem like it when she saw them together. She was pretty sure he was just trying to play it cool for Matty so that people would stop gossiping.

Then she realized that she was going to be late for her next class and packed up her things quickly. She aced her english quiz and participated more than usual in the day’s discussion. Then she made her way to the Science building, where Dan was already waiting.

“Hey, you’re coming to the luau tomorrow night right? We’ve got tiki heads and everything,” he said as soon as she sat down.

“I am great, thanks for asking. How are you?” Megan replied with sass.

“Sorry. How are you? Me? I am awesome.” He gave her a tentative thumbs up. “So are you coming?”

“Yes, Daniel, I will be in attendance.”

“Sick.” Dan took a sip of her iced coffee without asking again, but by now, Megan was used to it.

He went back to studying his notes. Megan looked over hers, too, think that if you didn’t know any better, you would think the two of them could be more than friends. Emily was right about that.

Since they weren’t, Megan was free to look at other guys. There were quite a few in Dan’s fraternity, but she was worried about making any moves because of her “history” with him. Boys in other fraternities also kind of freaked her out–and typically just wanted a drunk hook-up with girls who were prettier, skinnier, and generally more outgoing. It didn’t matter that her roommates told her she was all of those things and more, that was her mindset, and the way most parties ended for her was evidence enough.

Now that all of her roommates were seeing people, she figured she would be having more Netflix dates than before. Only that wouldn’t get her anywhere either. More frat parties seemed like the only way to go.

Brad had told her once that she should take a weekend and “slut it up” with a bunch of guys. While she would never do such things with a bunch of guys, she was willing to make out with a few. Maybe that’s what she needed to do…possibly over Spring Break at the university near where she lived.

How bad could it be? she thought to herself. She ignored the voice in her head that said, “Very, very bad, Megan.”

I am still recovering from the beach yesterday. No sunburns, yay!! I think I got decently tanner, but being in the sun all day has me exhausted. My 8 am this morning is no help, either. Must. Get. Through. This.

Man, am I craving a vanilla iced coffee right now…and pizza. I want pizza, too.

Also did some late night blog reading last night and stumbled upon this wonderful, wonderful blog post one Thought Catalog. READ THIS BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF TRUTH.

Reminder: go listen to/buy The Maine’s new album American Candy!!

-A the Drama Queen

Love me!



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