Right Now #5

Aaaaaand I have waited long enough to put together another Right Now post, considering the last one was in January. I have just been so busy! And now I am even busier, especially with popping out a PLR every Wednesday. I had a dream last night that the Pretty Little Liars writers/producers/etc were suing me for the similarities between my story and theirs. Eeeep! Aight. Here’s what’s happening in my life these days.

What am I reading?

Well, I am still in the middle of pretty much every book I have mentioned in these posts, but I am 100% focused on reading The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks before the movie coming out April 10th So soon!


I am also madly in love with Scott Eastwood, who plays Luke. He is dreamy beyond belief.

What TV SHow am I watching?

Well, I am trying my best to catch up on the latest season of Pretty Little Liars, but Amtrak has blocked the website I am watching it on (I am currently Burbank bound for Easter!) I only have a few more episodes to watch on this website before I switch back to ABC Family’s. They only have the last five-ish and I needed to watch all of them.

I guess I will just have to watch Friends or any of the other movies on my Netflix queue. Not complaining!

What color are my nails?

Recently I got a gel manicure in a light pink! I loooove this color. I used to be really into bright shades, but lately I have been transitioning into more neutral tones for everything: clothes, nails, etc. I like it.

Plus, I need to have them painted a neutral color for open house, which is coming up. I must be recruitment ready, which means looking perfect with non-bright or chipped nails. Hey, any excuse for a good manicure, though, right?

What is my current obsession?

Hmmm this might be a tough one. Probably Pretty Little Roomies. I love writing for it! Everyone else seems to be enjoying it, as well. I mean, I know I am a good writer–not to toot my own horn or anything–but it makes me feel good when other people tell me they can’t wait for Wednesdays.

Also, since Lent has ended as of Holy Thursday, I can now eat chocolate! And let’s just say I have been taking advantage of that. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Who is my current girl crush?

Man, I have got to say my roomies. I love them more than ever. I have been fighting a nasty cold the last week or so, and they have given me vitamin C and tissues and just been so helpful. Vanessa gave me a little travel pack of tissues for this train ride and I am so, so grateful. Even though it is just tissues. I ran out the other night, then Alice gave me her box, and then Vanessa gave me the travel pack.


Then Vanessa drove me to the train station like the angel she is. I bought her Starbucks as payment. And I have a class with Natalie. It is an 8 am and I would probably die if I didn’t have someone to take it with.

I have the best roomies. Your argument is invalid.

What am I wearing?

My train attire consists of jean shorts, converse, a PINK sports bra, and a Supernatural t-shirt-turned-tank-top. I am pretty comfy.

But now that it is hot all the time, I have been living in tank tops and shorts. Spring? No, we are skipping straight to summer. At least we have cooler nights, where I can wear sweats and slippers aka the comfiest outfit ever.

What is something this week that I am looking forward to?

This coming Wednesday night is AOII’s big philanthropy event: Mr. Fraternity! It is a beauty pageant but for guys. One guy in each frat was chosen to compete. They have all been working really hard for this, so I am really excited to see how it turns out! I have been looking forward to this event since Philanthropy Day during rush, which was before I even got a bid for AOII. I am so happy I ended up there ❤


Wednesdays are also PLR days, so I look forward to that, too! Drama = Life.

What am I listening to?

Well, if it wasn’t obvious from previous posts, I have The Maine’s newest album American Candy on repeat. I also have Luke Bryan’s newest album playing now, too. They are two very different artists, but I adore them both.

Plus, Luke Bryan’s hip thrusts are basically life. If you ever see him in concert, enjoy them.

What make up am I wearing?

The typical mascara, top eyeliner, foundation combo. Nothing has really changed about that. However, I have been going make up free a couple of times because I get too tired of putting it on. And when I worked over Spring Break I had no one to impress, so there was really no point in wearing it then.

Alas, mascara makes my eyelashes look so good, so I do it for them.

Same brands as always, too: Covergirl mascara and eyeliner, Clinique foundation. Seriously, some of the best stuff out there. I highly recommend it.

What bad habit do I need to kick?

Well, I have been cutting back on Netflix and going to bed super late (probably because  am sick), so I am not sure I have any really bad habits that need kicking right now. As soon as I have gotten my chocolate fix for a couple of days, I will have to cut back on that, but other than that, I think I am doing very well in the bad habit department!

Be proud of me! 🙂

What is one thing I am really happy about?

I don’t really know…OH! Yes, I do.

Recently, I have come to a revelation–or more, something very important dawned on me. So I have been battling depression, right? I am doing very well, despite occasionally having Bad Thoughts. Well, I realized the other day that, if someone asked me if I have depression, I couldn’t say yes. Of course, I have days where I feel depressed, but I do not consider myself as suffering from it anymore. I am healing. And I think that is something to be very proud of. I am so happy with the progress I have made in these last few months, and I am so thankful for everyone who has helped me in this process, even though they do not know it.


I suppose that is kind of it for now.

I mean, my hands are so dry I kind of want to cry, but I will get my hands on some lotion soon! And my nose really hurts, but this sickness will pass. I think I am at the peak, and within the next couple of days, I should start to get better.

Like when I woke up this morning at like 6 am, my sinuses were clear, but when I actually woke up, close to ten, I was back to being congested. WHAT THE HECK, RIGHT?

Your congested blogger, A

Love me!


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