Because He Lives

Goooood morning world! I am writing this to you on Easter Sunday, even thought his won’t be going up until Monday. Right now, I am on a train back to SLO, cursing myself for not downloading Mockingjay Part One earlier this morning. I got a quater of the way through the download (because my computer does not have a disc drive) and then I had to go to the train station. On the train, the wifi is not great, so while I can write this post for you, I cannot finish downloading the movie. *Sad face emoji*

I guess I will have to watch Into the Woods for the third time this week. Am I complaining? Not really…

Also an update from my last Right Now post: I have finished the latest season of Pretty Little Liars! I AM SHOCKED. It was a great twist, especially because I read the books. It is a twist on the major twist earlier on in the series. The show has definitely kept me on my toes. I cannot wait for next season!

Okay, so the reason I am writing this post today is because last night I attended my very first Easter Vigil. I have always gone to Mass on Easter Sunday, but this year, I knew two people getting baptized: Wayne Smith and Clark McKnight, two dads that I bowl with in the summers. Clark’s daughter, Shane, also comes to camp at GSG for a week or two in the summers. Ever since bowling, they have been two of my favorite dads at the parish, and I adore their kids.


Luke – Wayne’ youngest and the love of my life ❤ I swear he loves me too!

I have had this day in my calendar since the summer, so I have been planning on coming home this weekend since then. I almost decided to stay at school, but I wanted to support my favorite dads (who are not my own) in welcoming them to our Church. I can say that I am so glad I went!

It was a beautiful service, and it was wonderful so see this community that I have been a part of my whole life welcome more members with Baptism, Communion, and Confirmation.

At a Catholic Mass, there is a lot of singing. And I mean a lot. As a former choir kid, and current lover of musicals and music in general, I do not mind much. I cannot always sing along, and it is the readings that are being sung, but it is not bad. There seemed to be extra singing at this Mass, which is not surprising. One of the people that did most of the singing was one of our Deacon’s, Jim Roope, who is my brother’s best friend’s father. He ran the Confirmation programs before being ordained, so I got to go through the process with him. He is an all-around cool guy. His daughter also taught me to knit. I love that family.

After singing the Gospel and then giving a short-and-sweet Homily, it was time for the Baptisms. I got to stand right up close to the pool and watch one of our Priests bless and pour water on their heads. The other Deacon said “Extra water for this one!” about Wayne, which got a laugh from everyone. Everyone clapped and cheered after each person got baptized. It was awesome.


This is the first time they are entering the Church as official Baptized members! Clark is in the front and Wayne is right behind him.

Then they all got confirmed, to which we all cheered for as well. Then there was the transition to the altar for Communion, where each person was able to participate for the first time. I missed a little part of the blessings because my nose started running like Usain Bolt. Curse this illness!! I got back in time to see them eat the Eucharist and drink the Blood for the first time, though, so it was all good.


Clark really likes that candle, don’t you think?

At the reception afterwards, they were both so happy that I had come down to see them, and I was equally glad. They each gave me big hugs. Anything to support my favorite dads! I said that to a few people at school who asked why I was going home so soon after Spring Break, and they thought I meant two gay dads. Nope, not that there is anything wrong with that! One of the leaders of the Confirmation program is gay and has a partner (actually, they might be married, I am not sure…), and he is awesome. Moral of this short story: gay is cool. Anything is cool. You do you, babe.

Overall, I am so happy I got to come home for this beautiful and glorious event to celebrate my friends and the Christ’s Resurrection. Yes, since I have been at school, I have been lacking on my church-going (well, that is kind of always, since high school) and reading my Bible and whatnot. Because of this, I plan on getting right back into it! My faith has gotten me through a lot of Dark Times and Bad Thoughts, and have to give credit where it is due. Of course, it is me who is getting through this, but it is because of my faith in God that I have been able to power through.

And today, even though I am on a train and complaining about not-so-great wifi, I am celebrating that Christ is Risen. The sun is shining a little bit brighter today, and I am a little bit happier.


❤ A


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