Secret – PLR Episode 5

And here is where the name came from… 😉


Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 5

This essay is never-ending, Megan thought to herself. She was just not going to finish it. Ever. Two hundred more words until the minimum, and it seemed impossible. She sighed and closed her laptop, taking out her Theatre textbook to catch up on the plays she had to read. It was really late. She had said goodnight to her roommates over an hour ago, and she typically stayed up the latest.

Her stomach growled…again. No, you already ate dinner, Megan, she said to herself. “And a late night snack,” she added aloud.

Her body whispered back, “But you only fed me a bowl of cereal and a granola bar other than that. Feed me.”

“No,” she snapped. It didn’t matter that she definitely hadn’t gotten in enough calories for the day. All that mattered was that she had to be skinnier, like the rest of her roommates. She needed to be prettier and skinnier. At least, that’s what she told herself.

When she had woken up one morning last weekend, she just sat in bed, hoping for a good day, a relaxing day. She deserved one, right? Maybe not.

“This is a size three,” she heard Marissa say. “It is so big!”

Emily ran over to Marissa’s room. “What are we going to do? We need green clothes, and that is all we have!”

Megan knew they were choosing outfits for the big St. Patrick’s Day party on Greek Row this week. They were holding it early because the actual holiday was during finals week. That was not what bothered her, though. The party was legendary, and everyone was doing just the same thing they were.

What bothered her was that she was a size three, and Marissa often borrowed her clothes. They all borrowed each other’s, really. Was she really that much bigger than her roommates? It was not as if Megan thought she was fat or ugly, but she was the only one who was so single it hurt, and that was getting to her, as her weight had for the last year.

This was not the first time Megan restricted her eating. It was not the first time she made the decision to lose weight in an unhealthy way. It was not the first time she got a high from seeing lower numbers on the scale. And it was not the first time she stayed home while her roommates went to a party, and sat on the floor of her bathroom and stuck her fingers down her throat.

It seemed that Megan was not the put-together girl everyone counted on her being.

She popped a mint into her mouth. She would be going to bed soon anyway; breakfast was not too far away.

Megan’s studying was interrupted by Emily running into her room with her computer in her hands. “Megan!! Look at this!” She put her laptop in the girl’s face.

Megan was looking at a Facebook account by the name of Miley Cyrus. But this was not the celebrity–no, no. The entire timeline feed was a compilation of photos of Emily and Patrick together at the St. Patrick’s Day party from earlier this week. But they were not posed for these photos. Whoever had made the account had taken these pictures without the two of them knowing.

“Oh, my God,” Megan gasped. “What the hell?”

Emily took her computer and ran into Amanda’s room. Then the three of them gathered in Em’s room to discuss–panicking, more like it–about this “Miley Cyrus” person. She had added Patrick as a friend, too, so he was in on the conversation through text. Marissa would just have to find out tomorrow when she came home from Jason’s.

“Em, what the heck, this is so creepy!” Amanda cried.

Megan bit her lip. “This is definite stalker-status. It’s like A!”

Amanda grabbed the laptop out of Emily’s hands and took to investigating. She clicked on the list of friends, and inhaled sharply. “She is friends with that girl from that store downtown!”

Emily explained to Megan, who had not gone shopping with her roommates and Patrick, “When we went downtown the other day, this girl came up to Patrick and very sassily said that she saw him with ‘some girl’ at the St. Pat’s party the night before. I was standing right there, too, so she was either oblivious or she was being bitchy. She lives in the other building he is in charge of.”

“It has to be her, then, right?” Megan asked. “I mean, unless she is not stupid.”

“It is totally her,” Amanda confirmed. “And she is stupid. Like, we know she saw you guys at the party, and she confronted him downtown. Now she is one of the only friends of this account? There is now way it is not her.”

“Hm…Whitney,” Megan said. “Even sounds bitchy.”

Emily texted Patrick what they had concluded about the mystery account. He told her that he was reporting it and that she should, too. She did, but continued to look at the photos. “These are really high quality.”

“Em, now is not the time to admire her photography skills,” Megan scolded.

Emily cut back, “No, like, how did she get so close with a good camera and us not notice? Are we really that unobservant?”

“Maybe she took it from a little bit further away when no one was in her way and zoomed,” Amanda suggested. “They look really close up.”

The three girls looked more at the pictures and other things on the account. Then, when they tried to click on something on the profile, the page disappeared with a message saying the account did not exist anymore.

“That was fast,” Megan said. “But this freaks me out. She found out who you were, and she probably knows stuff about all of us. She probably even knows where we live!”

“It is, like, everywhere,” Amanda agreed. “God, first the devil, now this!”

They all made sure all of the windows and doors in the apartment were closed and locked, just to be on the safe side. This Whitney girl probably wasn’t crazy like “A” was, but they wanted to take precautions.

Patrick said he would talk to her the next day and would let them know how the conversation went. Even though he knew Whitney, he did not know much about her at all. They all wondered why she would do such a thing. It was also really bad that someone knew about Emily and Patrick as an almost-couple, and Emily was worried about what was going to happen. Patrick was worried about his job; he needed the money and experience, but this could ruin it. Whitney had to keep quiet about whatever she knew.

Now that the rush of a stalker-threat was over, it was time for all of them to get to bed. They were going to be up late the next night with parties, after all. Sleep was much needed. This was enough excitement for one night. Despite being exhausted, each girl tossed and turned for a while before finally falling asleep.

The next morning, they went on with their days as normally as possible, but something was off. They attributed it to Whitney and her “Miley Cyrus” stunt, but it seemed like more than that. Emily, Amanda, and Megan kept a close eye out for the mystery girl, just in case, and they anxiously awaited to hear back from Patrick about his confrontation with her.

If the ladies of apartment 25E didn’t think their lives were interesting before, they sure thought so now. So much drama began to unfold right in front of them. But were they ready for it?

Dun, dun, duuuuuuuun. Almost too much like Pretty Little Liars? Almost, but not quite. I had a dream recently that the producers came to sue me because they were similar! While I will admit they are alike in a few ways, they are also very different. My apologies for also having a girl named Emily…and for signing every post with “-A.” It is my initial! I can’t help it!

But this episode I have had planned for a while–it is the reason for the name–and it just fits so nicely.

In other news, the Mr. Fraternity pageant is tonight! It is my first big philanthropy event for AOII, and I am so excited. I cannot wait to see what all the contestants and coaches have put together! Hey, the best way to raise money for charity is put cute, funny boys in a competition like this.

The week is now half over, and I cannot wait for the weekend. Partly because I actually have no time to go to the pool anymore because I have class every day from 12-2, which is prime tan time. Oh well, more gym and library time? Yup.

Happy hump day!


Love me!


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