Boys ‘Round Here

Live from Chumash Auditorium, it’s Fraturday night!!


Wednesday evening, at eight o’clock, a sold out crowd, along with over two hundred Alpha Omicron Pi ladies, filled Chumash Auditorium for the annual Mr. Fraternity pageant, with all proceeds going to Arthritis research!

It was my very first time getting to be a part of this event, and it was a great experience. Because of the sold out audience, none of us beautiful ladies could sit in the chairs. We had to settle with gathering on the floor by the stage. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, though. I mean, you put two hundred girls in black dresses and sky-high heels anywhere, and we will make do. Before the doors opened, you would have thought you were at the hottest funeral to hit North America.


The theme of the night was “Fraturday Night Live,” like Saturday Night Live. A boy from each fraternity was nominated, then coached by about four girls from AOII. There were three parts to the pageant: a question, modeling sportswear, and a talent show.

The question part was easy, some boys answered seriously, some said something funny and witty. Each one meant something, though.

The sportswear was one of the best parts–there were quite a few boys in speedos, and they poured water on themselves. One guy dressed in a wrestling outfit, another wore a tennis get-up–and pranced around to the tune of “Tennis Court” by Lorde–then there was an aerobics instructor. It was pretty great.

The talent portion consisted of things like a magic show (kind of), lots of dancing routines, singing and playing instruments, lip syncing to Katy Perry (more than once), a violin performance, and some rapping. My big, who was a coach and is white, rapped with her contestant. It. Was. Glorious.


Then it all came down to the final three, who were each asked another question. They gave a heartfelt answer with some detail.

Finally, they announced the most spirited award, which went to the fraternity I was sitting in front of. I can honestly say they were very spirited. Then they announced the runner ups, and with that, we found out the winner. Congratulations to Reid Wilhelm from Sigma Nu!


Afterwards, I was exhausted and had homework, so I dipped and went straight to get frozen yogurt. Chocolate mint, Reese’s, chocolate chips, and peanuts. Too much chocolate? NOPE. And then I walked home. I tried to start my homework, but gossip happened. I do love some good gossip, so I had to stick around. Then I took a shower and read a short story for English. It was interesting! And about music, so I enjoyed it.

I was so happy to get to sleep though. SLEEP IS SO GOOD.

Because I have a little story about how this day was going before the sexy funeral event: I went to class, and it was fine. It was an 8 am, but it was fine. Then I went back home and took a great little nap. Author’s note: I really, really love naps. Then I went to my next class at noon. I LOVE this class and my professor. Jonathan Wilson is a gem, and I praise him highly. I also got an iced coffee (grande this time, not tall) to drink during class because I needed the caffeine boost.

Then I spent the next two hours in the library. I wanted to do homework, but I needed links that had not been put up yet, and I had already done the readings. So I did what any logical teenage girl would do, I watched Friends. French class came next. I am making friends in that class! That is exciting for me because I am still kind of awkward, especially in a language class.

Okay, here is where the day got out of hand. I needed a nice black dress for Mr. Fraternity, and I did not have one. Luckily, we have a “CP SLO Clothes for Sale” Facebook page, and a girl was selling a cute black dress. It was a message from heaven. I planned on meeting her on Tuesday, but things got crazy, so we planned to meet after my class on Wednesday, which ends at 5. I had to be in Chumash by 6:30, but I figured I could do it.

Well, I messaged the girl, and she did not respond. I kept it cool, but by 5:18, I started to panic. But I needed this dress. When she finally answered, she said we could meet tomorrow so I could try it on. I didn’t have that time, so we ended up meeting at Starbucks. I practically ran there. When she gave me the dress, she asked if I wanted to try it on in the bathroom. I just paid her and told her I would wing it. Then I proceeded to thank her, like, six times, and ran away. I was meeting Alice to use a meal on campus.

So I bought a bunch of snacks, chatted for all of three minutes, then ran to the ATM. I needed cash to pay for our Disneyland sisterhood coming up. I sacrificed an extra $3 because I didn’t have time to run across campus to use the credit union one. Finally, my legs took me as fast as they could home by 5:57. Somehow I managed to redo my make up, straighten my hair, and change into the dress for the first time by 6:21.

I go halfway down the hall before I realized I should just put shorts on and run. I got to the bottom of my complex (which I am at the top of. 150 steps, people) and saw a girl in black waiting for two other girls. I stuck with her and the four of us were fashionably late together. A lot of people came after us, too, so it wasn’t a huge deal. I was still stressed though.

So I had put on the dress for the first time a half hour before I had to be at the event I needed to wear it to. Fun, right? Yeah, totally. But I messaged that girl again telling her it fit and it was perfect and thank you again. You can’t really tell, but it fit great and had an awesome neckline. I am in love with it, basically.

And that is the Mr. Fraternity Saga.

It was definitely an unforgettable day, and I cannot wait for the next three years! It is going to rock. I hope to be a coach next year, too, because that would be a lot of fun. I love that the boys get so into it. They have a good time with it and are not afraid to make fools of themselves. It is awesome, really. I have so much Greek life and Cal Poly pride!

Alpha love and mine, A ❤

Love me!


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