The Weekend

This weekend seemed like a long one, and I am not complaining. Maybe because the last three weekends required traveling, and this time I got to relax and stay home.

Thursday night

We all took a roomie trip to Farmer’s Market. It was the first time I had gone in a long time. It was also the first time that we have all hung out together in a long time. We have all been so busy, so it was nice to have a night out, just the four of us. We all went to Victoria’s Secret. I got a new bra, and I am wearing it right now. It is suuuper comfy. Sorry, too much information? Maybe.


I slept in until late morning, early afternoon. It was glorious, and my body thanked me for it. I got all cute to go get frozen yogurt with my WOW Leader training (Fac) group. My cup: triple chocolate froyo, strawberries, granola. SO. GOOD.

I really enjoy talking to the people in my group; they are all really cool–in my eyes, at least. Kelli, a girl in my Soar group (I mentioned her veeeery early on in my blogging endeavors because I met her right after I started it), is also in my Fac group. Another AOII girl is also in it, so I like that I get to hang out with them!

Then I went to Target with Vanessa. I didn’t need much food, just Ziploc bags, dish soap, and veggies. However, I made the mistake of going into the boys t-shirt section with her. I ended up buying a Star Wars t-shirt, and oh, my gosh, it is the softest thing ever. I am also wearing it right now.

Tyler (my CA) called me in the middle of my shirt search, telling me that I had a package delivered. I knew it was arriving today, and it was weird that he called to tell me. Usually that doesn’t happen. He was just being a good guy, like always. But when we got home, the first thing I did after putting my veggies in the fridge was run down to the CC to pick up my package. It was my merch for The Maine!! I got the album, a t-shirt, decals, pins, and a photo book of the making of the album. It made me so, so, so happy 🙂


After a short fan-girl session, I changed into some Cal Poly gear and walked to my chapter house. We were making signs for the baseball game against Hawaii and then going to the game together.

I love baseball, so this was an event for me. A few of us we excited about the hot dogs (I can finally eat meat on Fridays again!), but we were all looking forward to the Dippin’ Dots. I happily stuffed my face with a hot dog, banana split Dippin’ Dots, and a pretzel. Baseball games are for eating and admiring boys’ butts in baseball pants. Baseball season is the best season!!



This was the day I was looking forward to the most this weekend. Why? Because I was going to get to see my friend Jacob play rugby against Cal Poly! I have only seen him once since school started this year, and that was briefly over Thanksgiving, when we both happened to get breakfast burritos for lunch. I was with Steph and Ally, and he was with….I don’t really remember, but it was nice to see him then.

I found out that San Diego State was playing us in rugby, and I knew he was on the team there, so I decided to go support him Cal Poly. I wore a single red sock to show my support for SDSU. I ended up going to the game alone, but it wasn’t too bad. There was a family behind me that had a husky, and she was the cutest thing ever. She liked me, too, I realized when she came and started licking me from behind. She had the softest fur. Her owners apologized and tried to get her to move away, but I was totally not complaining about the slobber attack.


After the game, which we kind of kicked their butts in, I waited and waited for the Aztecs to finished their pow wow. Finally, Jake walked towards the fans–his mother and her friends (who live in SLO) came, too. We all talked, and it was great to see them! Then Jake had to gather his things and prepare for the long drive back to San Diego; we texted about Supernatural, causing me to watch it until very late into the night.


Ah, my day of rest–I mean, my day of homework. Sociology readings, English reading responses, online French exercises…not too bad, in my opinion. It is also laundry day, and I have a chapter meeting at eight. Unfortunately the meeting is across campus in the Business Silo (it is far, just trust me), but at least the dress code is business casual, so I get to dress a little more comfortably–this means nice jeans, as opposed to a dress or skirt.

I went to Trader Joe’s with Vanessa, Adam, and Zach, where three women came in to protest and yell about how we are killing animals by eating meat and how drinking milk is also bad. No, ladies, I will not become a vegan–or even a vegetarian–I think as I put chicken taquitos into the cart…It was definitely interesting to see them march around the store with fake blood on their hands, then be herded out by the employees.

All I really want to do is watch more Supernatural, thanks Jake. Ashley, do your homework first. Yay for internal fighting with myself?

I hope you all had wonderful weekends! Have a great Monday, too, and go check out my lovely friend Michael’s YouTube channel! He has new videos every Monday! Spoiler: in this one, I am the friend who complained about the taco emoji. WHERE IS MY TACO EMOJI, APPLE. Okay, rant over.


Love me!


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