Secret – PLR Episode 6

Happy hump daAAY (Please read that in the voice of the camel from the Geico commercial).


Pretty Little Roomies – Episode 6

The music was loud, the bass was pulsing, and the lights were flashing. There were leis flapping around everyone’s necks, and many of the Phi Kap boys had already unbuttoned their Hawaiian shirts, showing off their abs. Yes, all of them had six-packs, but no girl was complaining.

Dan picked a good fraternity, Megan thought.

She and Emily had already hit two other parties that night, but Megan was planning on staying at this one. She didn’t just like hanging out with Dan, Phi Kap parties were always the most fun.

Emily was somewhere, getting another drink, probably flirting with the bartender so he would do a good job mixing it. She was the best at that, and her roommates highly appreciated it.

This was a Friday night that they needed. After this week, they longed for a night to let loose from all the drama that had gone on. There was finding out about Patrick and then the whole “Miley Cyrus” thing. The devil was also still messing with them–or it was their brains going crazy. Either way, they needed a break.

Midnight came and went, but the music kept blaring out of the basement speakers and the lights still flashed different colors. You could find Emily moving to the beat of the song in the middle of the dance floor, while Megan was next to the bar making out with Dan. He was extremely drunk, but she didn’t care too much. He was a good kisser, so why not?

By two, the party was dry and had wound down really quickly in the last half hour. Emily found Megan and told her that she was going home. Megan decided to come home, too, with Dan in tow behind her.

When they got to 25E, Dan was almost falling over; Megan had never seen him this drunk before. She helped him take his shoes off and get into her bed. He really needed to just sleep it off.

“I swear, if you throw up, Dan, I am going to kill you,” she said, mostly to herself.

He slurred, “I won’t, I promise.”

She wasn’t sure if she believed him, but he could hold his liquor, that much she knew. She still put him on the side of the bed closest to the door. The bathroom was only fifteen feet away.

It only took Dan about twenty-five seconds to fall asleep–Megan could hear the change in his breathing. She was still too worried about his drunken state to sleep quite yet. After a few minutes, he squeezed her hand tightly, then loosened, then tightened again, and he began to stir.

“Dan,” she said. “Dan, what’s wrong?”

Without a word, he doubled over the side of the bed and blew chunks onto the floor. Megan let out a squeal of dread. “Shit.”

Avoiding the vomit, she helped her friend into the bathroom and sat him down next to the toilet. “It is in there or nothing, okay?”

Dan was still disoriented, but he managed to give her a thumbs up–well, almost a thumbs up. She rushed to Marissa’s door and knocked quickly with intensity. “Marissa, wake up!” she cried. “I need you, like, right now.”

Her roommate opened the door and wiped the sleep from her eyes. “What’s up?”

“Dan threw up in my room, and you know I hate throw up. Please help me, what do I do?”

Suddenly, Marissa was wide awake. “Okay, show me.”

Megan walked into the room, turning on the light, and immediately covered her mouth. It was enough to make her want to follow suit. “Oh, my God.”

“I got this,” Marissa told her. “You go take care of him.”

Megan took a deep breath in the hallway before walking into the bathroom. Dan was still on the floor, his eyes half open. “Dan! Stay awake.”

His eyes widened for a few seconds and then closed again. She was not going to let him pass out. Passing out, slurring words, disorientation, throwing up…those were all signs of alcohol poisoning. She sat down on the floor with him. “Dan, wake up. Look at me.”

Slowly, he lifted his head. “Mhmm.”

“What’s your name, bud?”

“My name is Dan.”

“Uh huh. When is your birthday?”

He answered, and she continued to ask him questions to keep him awake. She inquired about music, television, movies, his fraternity, and so on. He was having a difficult time staying awake and aware.

Marissa had set up fans and opened the window, trying to get the smell out of the room. With all the commotion, Amanda and Emily woke up, wondering what in the world was going on. They both set eyes on the near-unconscious fraternity boy and wanted updates immediately.

“I think I need to take him to the hospital,” Megan said. “I am starting to really lose him–Dan, keep your eyes open.”

Emily bit her lip. “He seems pretty bad. How much did he drink?”

“A lot,” Megan replied. “He probably drank a bunch before we got to the party, too. But I have never seen him like this.”

“I think you should take him to the ER,” Amanda told her, looking just as worried as Megan.

“May I borrow your car?” Megan asked. “I swear on my life, it will be spotless when we come back.”

Amanda liked throw up as much as the Twilight werewolves liked the vampires. “You promise?”

“If he needs to throw up again, it will be outside of the car.”

Amanda reluctantly gave her the keys. She was the only one who had a car at school, and she knew this was bound to happen eventually. She trusted that Megan wouldn’t let anything happen to it.

All four of the girls helped get Dan into the back seat of the car. Marissa had put a plastic bag inside a paper one and set it on his lap. Megan sat in the back with the boy to make sure the vomit landed inside the bag and nowhere else, while Marissa drove to the hospital.

By this point, Dan was waking up and becoming more alert. Not completely aware of what was happening, but alert nonetheless. The girls helped check him in, and sat with him in the waiting room. He was still shoeless, Megan noticed. Oops.

Megan said to Marissa, “You are literally an angel sent from heaven. Thank you so much for helping me with him.”

“Of course. This will be a great story to tell…maybe now right now, but soon.” She half-laughed.

“No, like, I so appreciate this. I will buy you Starbucks and froyo for the rest of the quarter. Whenever you want. I owe you big time.”

“I might take you up on that.”

They helped Dan to see the doctor, and waited with him until they were allowed to leave. Finally, they were driving back to school and dropping him off at his dorm. Megan walked him to his room and made sure he was okay. His roommate was gone for the weekend, so he was on his own. She told him to take a shower and get some sleep.

“And text me when you wake up, okay?”

“I will. Thank you so much.” He was still slurring his words slightly, but it was mostly just because he was tired.

“If you need anything else tonight, do not hesitate to call me, got it?”


She said goodbye and ran back to the car. She and Marissa drove to the parking lot by their building. Since Megan’s room still smelled awful, she slept on Marissa’s floor with her bare mattress and a blanket. It was nearly four in the morning, and they passed out almost instantly.

This was exactly the relaxing Friday night they had all had been waiting for. Sarcasm, intended.

Wow, so much drama in the last two episodes!

As I write this, I am exhausted and waiting for my laundry to be finished in the dryer. Only a few more minutes! Then, I can pass out like Marissa and Megan. This has been quite the week so far, and it is about to be a busy weekend!

Farmer’s Market is on Thursday, and I have to go (so not complaining, I LOVE Farmer’s)  Adam’s birthday is this weekend and we are probably going to celebrate that. Open House showcase is on Saturday and I am working the AOII booth for an hour in the late morning. Then Chapter (per the usual) on Sunday. Somewhere in there I will find time to do homework!

You will definitely be finding me at the library this week. Mostly doing homework, but I may find time for an episode of Supernatural or blogging, too. I have a few things planned, I just need to find time to write them!

The week is half over, so let’s celebrate that! Only a few more days until the weekend. We can do it!

Also: happy tax day!


Love me!


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